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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the venue address?

Waterloo Concert Field* – located at 1053 Waterloo Road, Allamuchy, NJ 07840 (Use Stanhope, NJ for GPS)

What are the Gate Hours?

Those staying at the official Lovelight hotel will have later gate access hours via the shuttle.

What are the Registration Hours?

What is included in my ticket?

Lovelight offers an all-inclusive festival package. Your Adult and Child Entrance Pass ticket price include:

What are the food options at the Festival?

Campers love cooking their own food on the grill or purchasing whichever items they prefer at whatever time they like from the festival’s incredible food vendors.

May I cook at my campsite?

Yes, in a propane or charcoal grill. Fires are allowed only in designated fire pits. Please do not create a fire outside of designated areas as this may result in a fine.

Will there be additional food vendors?

You’ll have great options in the food court. Healthy foods such as fresh squeezed juice, falafel, and great guilt-free junk food like vegan gelato.

Do I need to bring water?

Although there are hydration stations onsite and you are encouraged to bring a water bottle to fill up so you may stay hydrated. If you bring your own water, ice is sold onsite.

What are the bathroom options?

There are Sani-johns will also be around the campsites, the mention of which leads to a reminder that flashlights are a standard camping gear.

Are there showers with hot water?

1. The site offers primitive camping and there are no showers.


Are there additional accommodation options?

Dancin’ Dave’s Festival Camping—Affordable tents set up for you

Glamping—Luxury canvas safari tents with electricity and queen beds.

RV—RV parking (no hook ups)

Car Camping—Convenient car-camping sites

Are all classes free?

A majority of the classes and interactive art experiences are free. The Lovelight Learning Lab offers opportunities for Lovelighters to have in-depth, hands-on experiences for an additional fee.

Additional Opportunities for Artistic Immersion

The Lovelight Learning Lab offers opportunities for Lovelighters to immerse themselves in hands-on creative or self development experiences for an additional fee. 

Healing Sessions

May I swim in the Quarry?

Swimming is permitted only when the lifeguards are on duty. Please use good safety sense and do not swim alone or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and do not get in the water if you do not know how to swim.

May I drive my vehicle on-site?

You will be able to park on site. Car camping is available only in designated areas and when supported by a car camping ticket available for purchase for an additional fee on top of the festival ticket.

May I build fires and fire Dance?

Will there be trash and recycling programs?

To keep your ticket cost low, take your trash when you go!

There are no trash receptacles on site; it is critical that you are prepared to effectively manage your refuse while at Lovelight. Please let your Lovelight shine responsibly and leave no trace! It is critical we please leave the land as clean as we found it!

Being drunk is no excuse for being a litterbug.

Are there ATMS?

The only money that you may need is to buy food, healing sessions, and the amazing items featured in the Vendor Village. We are in the woods so there is no ATM on site.

Is Lovelight open to minors?

Lovelight is a family friendly event. Programming for young children is included in the cost of admission. All minors must be accompanied, at all times, by a parent or legal guardian. Should you wish to be a legal guardian, you must bring documentation of that guardianship that is recognized by the state of Maryland. Please submit that documentation to

For information about how to establish guardianship, please refer to

Will alcohol be sold?

Lovelight and vendors will not sell alcohol.

What about drugs?

Is there public transportation to the venue?

There is not.


Do I Pay for Parking?

On site Parking is $30 CASH ONLY. You may purchase online where you purchase your tickets.

May I bring my animals?

For the safety of the Lovelight participants and pets, animals are not allowed onsite. Service animals are allowed on site because they are trained to manage the extreme environments of crowds, sound and weather.

May I bring my service animal?

Should you have a legal service animal, Lovelight welcomes each of you. All service animals require must remain in control of the registered participant and must be registered prior to arrival. Please note, it is illegal to fraudulently claim an animal is a service animal. Please see the ADA page for further information.

Will there be charging stations?

There will be not charging stations for campers. 

Is there Cellular Service?

Some phones are able to pick up a signal; that said, please remember to Be Here Now!

Is there Internet Service?

Yes there is limited internet access.

May I bring a generator?

Generators are prohibited. should you have concerns about access to electricity, please contact us at and we'll creatively address them.

What Should I bring?

I am unable to attend, may I get a refund?

All sales are final and no refunds are issued. You do have the option to sell your tickets. Once you sell, please change the name in your Brightstar record to turn the ownership over to the purchaser. 

My favorite band or teacher has canceled, may I get a refund?

All sales are final and we do not give refunds. We have a great festival with a diverse offering of classes and music. You are bound to still have fun and you might discover a new favorite. 

You do have the option to sell your tickets. Once you sell, please change the name in your Brightstar record to turn the ownership over to the purchaser. 

I am unable to attend; can I get a refund?

All sales are final; Lovelight doesn't offer refunds. You may sell your tickets. Once you have sold them, be sure to change the name on your order so the purchaser may pick them up onsite.

Do you have questions?

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