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Ambassador Program

Shine Your Lovelight as an Ambassador!

Audience watching performanceShare the news about this special intimate event with your friends, their friends, people from yoga class, and earn a free ticket to the Festival or earn money (see details).

We are offering several compensation packages for your participation. Before you sign up to be a Lovelight Ambassador, please review all of the  Ambassador information to ensure you understand and agree to all of the requirements and terms. Please note, the terms & conditions are not flexible.

Lovelight Ambassador Requirements

Lovelight Ambassadors must be eighteen (18) years or older on or before May 1, 2022.

Lovelight Ambassador Duties & Expectations

  1. Ambassadors must also agree to the official Lovelight Ambassador Terms and Conditions.
  2. Ambassadors spread the word about the festival online and at events in the community. This means posting online/utilizing social media as well as physically distributing flyers.
  3. Ambassadors will be added to the Lovelight Ambassador FB group and are required to post in this group about events they are attending/ have attended at which they are promoting Lovelight Festival. This gives everyone an idea of what events are being covered and allows for overall transparency.
  4. We have official event posters and suggested ways to use them; after your application is accepted; you will have an opportunity to request that we mail them to you.
  5. You are welcome (but not required) to create your own event ad, FB groups/pages, etc related to the festival, only with prior written approval from Lovelight.

Lovelight Ambassador Compensation Packages

Select the Compensation Package that works best for you:

If you have questions or wish to sign up, please email: