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Goddess Village

The Goddess Grove provides programming grounded in acknowledging and honoring the Divine Feminine in all Her forms, in a safe, supportive space where participants feel nurtured.

There is a main Goddess Temple for workshops, and for sitting in darshan in the presence of the Divine Feminine.

We ask that all who participate in Goddess Grove activities revere the space as sacred, and keep what is shared confidential, honoring the vulnerability of others as they would their own. In some areas, all genders and sexual orientations are welcome, in others ..  it's women only.

Please come and greet the Goddess - pray, meditate, and feel free to make offerings to Her.

The Red Tent is a special area in the Goddess Grove where women explore the feminine mysteries amongst themselves.  This is a place where no men dare to go.


The White Tent is a sanctuary for the modern day goddess. Hosted by Tu-Anh, it is  one part beautique and one part seminar. Beauty and grace are hallmarks, as Tu-Anh says ... " Envision it, it will come to you. Desire it, you shall have it. Take ownership of it, it will be yours. "


The center tent in the goddess village is where workshops that are open to men and women are held. Continous offerings all through the day and into the night include: Concerts, Belly Dance Yoga class, Rituals and Goddess Pujas, Journey Dance, Lectures, Workshops, Body Painting and experiental offerings.