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The Promotions teams are expanding in Baltimore, DC, Philly,  NY, Virgina Beach, Asheville, and Sarasota, They're creating a robust home-grown Lovelight presence and letting the community know about Lovelight events and ways to get involved. 

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Distribute Festival posters and flyers throughout Baltimore, DC and Philly metro areas and check distribution points to ensure that they are still in place; replace as necessary.
  2. Establish imaginative publicity promotions, tactics and plans in Baltimore, DC and Philly.
  3. Assist with promotion of pre-Festival happenings.
  4. Support in the creation and distribution of posters and flyers.
  5. Assist with cultivation and implementation of onsite Festival projects.

Sponsor Sales

Some major work duties include:

1.      Develop proposals in order to send to different organizations in order to solicit sponsorships

2.      Draft contracts 

3.      Implement sponsorship strategies in order to maximize revenues

4.      Ensure appropriate delivery of sponsorship programs at every level of the project

5.      Seek new sponsors by taking referrals and searching different avenues such as the web

6.      Handle negotiations with sponsors and ensure that the agreement that has been reached is the closest to the objective of the plan

7.      Plan, coordinate and implement events to bring together possible sponsors

8.      Act as a liaison between sponsors and the company

9.      Ensure that sponsors are integrated into as many aspects of promotional campaigns as possible

10.  Ensure the delivery of agreed sponsor benefits successfully

11.  Develop appropriate correspondence such as proposals, thank you letters and program outcome information


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