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Healing Village

The woods around the Healing Village are nearly silent, but immediately you feel the power of this place. There’s a palpable prana emanating from the gathering of master healers and the deep work that is being done here. Before you arrived, the sacred space was blessed, and a beautiful healing temple was constructed to serve all with tender loving care.

Listen deeper and you’ll hear the subtle symphony of many breaths, as Lovelight’s team of healers work, their receivers releasing grateful sighs of deep relaxation. Experience the diversity of ancient and modern healing techniques including Massage, Vedic Thai Bodywork, Reiki Energy, Ayurveda, and Reflexology. Or, receive a personalized coaching session from a Yoga Therapist, who can prescribe stretches or exercises to address your injury or imbalance, or to enhance your athletic or acrobatic performance.

We have carefully selected the region’s best transformational healers to help as you need it: whether it’s to rejuvenate, relax, work out the knots, unwind tension, relieve pain, or do meaningful inner work. Deepen your holistic festival experience by adding a personalized session of 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes. The Healing Village also has the festival’s free medics to help with your sunburn, poison ivy, beestings, or any other minor misfortunes. Visit the Healing Village early in the festival to pre-book an appointment with the practitioner of your choice. Or, pre-pay for a healing session here, and you’ll be all set when you arrive.

Walk-in appointments are also welcomed by available therapists. As you wait, relax in the Medicine Tent and sip the earthy elixir of ceremonial cacao, or visit the Community Healing Altar to meditate or pray for healing. Feel free to place a sacred item of your own here, or add a photo of a loved one or guru to the altar.

Radiant Warriors Workshops

Join  Baram and The Radiant Warriors for a series of workshops where they will share their secrets of Radiant Life. Learn how to integrate nature’s elements to harmonizerejuvenate, and strengthen the spirit, mind, and body!