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About Camp Lovelight


Imagine yourself nestled in the trees in the bucolic riverside town of New Hope, PA. Learn, lounge, swim, sing, and make new friends by the campfire as we form a tight knit, cherished community, rooted in Lovelight traditions of exploration, experimentation, and transformation. This is Camp Lovelight, June 17th to June 20th, 2022, centered on over 70 acres at the Deer Park Camp and Retreat Center. It’s just one hour from Philly and an hour and half from NYC. 

Settle yourself into one of the cozy accommodations Deer Park has to offer: 

Embrace nature at this cozy event, held outside, so we can safely enjoy classes and robust activities. If we encounter inclement weather, there are options to keep us socially distanced, climate controlled, and out of danger and discomfort. 

Rustic spaces have been transformed into a high vibrational performance space where sacred songs have been sung for many years. Enjoy the camp focal point, a 100-year-old, 17-sided barn, with 7 massive doors. Cozy up, socially distanced, around an enormous stone fireplace. Get ready to learn, sing, and dance at an experience you’ll never forget: Camp Lovelight. 

Options Include

Learn from compassionate, knowledgeable instructors as you contribute to the creation of a community that has a personal and global impact by participating and providing paths to wellness, education, prosperity, and peace. Get the intimate Camp Lovelight experience today! 

The Meaning of the Lovelight: A Meditation

To celebrate life with art, yoga, music, and dance to enlighten ourselves through community.