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Yoga Village

The Yoga Village is the festival center for classes taught by master teachers. Get on the mat together, explore new styles of yoga, and create lifelong friendships as you explore the vibrant world of Yoga, and the union of body, mind, and spirit.

Visit Yoga Village day or night, slow or fast, gentle or athletic, acrobatic or just laying down. Come practice your Yoga, at dawn, and you’ll hear the temple bells ringing as Yogis prepare for their morning practice. Inhale, reach for the rising sun, and exhale as you bow forward to greet the day. 

Not a crack-of-dawn Yogi? Just want to get sexy triceps and burn off that vegan cheesecake? Not sure if you can touch your toes? Don’t worry we've got you covered from beginners to lifelong yogis! 

Liberate yourself with Jivamukti, get in the flow with Vinyasa, learn amazing new feats in Acro Yoga, let go more deeply with Restorative, and charge your system with Kundalini. Check out the Line-Up page at: for a full listing of teachers.