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Children's Village

As you enter the Children’s Village, laughter and excited conversation fill the air. A group of parents and kids are painting on a community mural and nearby, a group of youngsters wiggle their down dog tails towards the sky, then make hilarious hissing cobra faces. The class pauses for a few moments of extra hissing and laughing. One student calls out “I’m a boa constrictor!!” and another student answers, “I’m a rattlesnake!” before the teacher guides them gently back into a silent egg pose.

The Children’s Village is an inspired space where kids and families feel safe and supported to practice, play, expand, and restore together in harmony and joyful connection. Harmonious Kids will coordinate a full-spectrum program of kids’ playshops and adventures including: yoga, music, meditation, mindfulness, nature, random acts of kindness, storytelling, and cooperative games. Children’s Village activities will be infused with magic, imagination, and illumination to create this transformational collaboration of adult and child.

 For kids, the swimming pool is one of Camp Ramblewood’s best attractions. Forget adult swim, the pool next to Children’s Village will be a splashing, shrieking, laughing, floating funfest! Bring your yoga mats, drums, hula hoops, bathing suits, floaties, sunscreen, and open hearts, and join us for a high vibrational weekend of adventure, integration, and liberation for the whole family.