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ADA Info

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Information

The Lovelight Festival offers accessibility to attendees with mobility, hearing and vision challenges. We work hard to make the festival open to as many people as possible. Should you have a disability, we encourage you to reach out to our ADA Action Team to help assist you in enjoying the festival. In advance, we thank you for joining in our efforts to ensure your participation.

Wheelchair Accessibility

The venue is navigable for people with mobility disabilities; in some cases, you will need assistance from our ADA Action Team to navigate hills. ADA camping and parking are conveniently located to ensure ready access. Wheelchair paths are located between the ADA access reserved campsite, the vendor village, and almost all of the stages. As there are steep hills, the ADA Action Team members are available to provide transportation over difficult terrain. To request a ride, please visit the ADA Action Team Access Center.

ADA Action Team

All accessibility-related inquiries are answered by our ADA Action Team, located within the first aid area. Come in at any time to request assistance. You may get assistance with an ad hoc request or may wish to work with an Action Team member to pre-schedule services. Those who need a place to recharge wheelchair batteries and/or the other assistive technology requiring electrical recharging are encouraged to drop by. There is a secure area within the First Aid Center for those who wish to store medical equipment. This area is designed to support your Lovelight experience. Come, get out of the sun and be sure to tell us how we may best shine our Lovelight on you.


Lovelight is an all-inclusive event, with 3 healthy and delicious meals served by expert chefs offer two types of healthy meal plans, the only money that you may need is to buy the amazing items featured in the Vendor Village. Should you wish to purchase items and need cash, there is an accessible ATM.


Lovelight features ADA parking. To access the ADA parking, you are required to have a current handicap placard and the appropriate paperwork that verifies it was issued to the user. All event staff are able to guide you the parking area. Please follow signage or ask staff upon entering the festival how to access this lot.


ADA patrons who wish to camp in the ADA campsite are welcome to request a camping pass for a campsite that affords easy access to the festival. As with the ADA parking area, to camp in the ADA campsite, a handicap placard and the appropriate paperwork that verifies it was issued to the user is required. The ADA campsite provides power to help you charge your assistive technology.

First Aid

Please refer to the festival map for the location of the First Aid Center. The First Aid Center is staffed by experienced professional medical personnel. Should you have the need, there is a refrigerator wherein medical staff are able to store medications.

Pets & Service Animals

The festival is fun for people; but the same cannot be said for pets. The festival is not a safe environment for animals; therefore, only service animals are permitted on the festival grounds. Service animals are allowed on site because they are trained to manage the extreme environments of crowds, sound and weather. Please pre-register your service animal and we'll be sure to have credentials waiting when you arrive. 

Hearing Impaired Participants

Assisted listening devices are available for those who wish to use them. Please indicate your desire to reserve one when you purchase your ticket. You will be required to surrender a government issued ID to the ADA Action Team to secure the device when you are onsite. Should you not have an ID, please be prepared to also remit a deposit of $500 which will be returned when you bring back the device in a functional state with no damage. Should you return a damaged device, you will be responsible for replacement fee of $500. Should you wish to have the support of an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter, you must make the request on or before August 10 to ensure that Lovelight is able to provide to you an ASL interpreter onsite. Lovelight will not be able to accommodate onsite requests for Devices or ASL interpreter support.

Visual Accommodations

The ADA Action Team will provide guided tours of the venue. For those who wish to schedule a tour, please reach out to the ADA Action Team at the ADA campsite. If, prior to your arrival onsite, you would like to schedule additional support, please contact the ADA Action Team at to discuss your specific requirements.