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Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy: Vinyasas to Balance the Doshas

2 CEUs, Class Duration 120 minutes $35

The teachings of Ayurvedic Vinyasas were handed down from Krishnamacharya to Paul Copeland who offered them to Mukunda Stiles.

These simple yet profound vinyasas can be used as a daily practice to help understand the refinement of doshas and to bring them to balance.

In this workshop you will learn a vinyasa for each of the 3 doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

You will understand the signs of imbalance and refinement so you can recognize that your work is effective.

You will come away with a defined practice (when to use which vinyasa) and better understanding of the factors that sway your balanced state.

Bonnie Pariser studied with Mukunda Stiles from 2003 until his passing in 2014. She was certified as a Structural Yoga Therapist by him in 2005 and assisted his workshops and trainings in both SYT and AYT.


Professional Certification: Sacred Cacao Ceremonial Ritual Training*

This course will teach you the methods I learned from the cacao shaman who taught me his ways for leading cacao ceremonies.
I will be walking you through the methods and the parts to the ceremony and we will be having one ourselves as well.

We made an amazing connection with Kin Cacao in 2017, an organic family-farm that grows and produces ceremonial-grade cacao in the rainforests of Guatemala!

This amazing organization's shaman passed on the knowledge and ceremonial work in an effort to bring you the special plant medicine of the Cacao tree sonically charged with sound healing.

As the medicine tradition was passed to me from the rainforests of Guatemala, I now pass it to you.

I will be teaching how to incorporate a deep heart connection to your participants to connect with one another and themselves in the group intentions for the ceremony.

You wil be certified through the Sound Healing Conservatory to lead sacred cacao ceremonies!

Course Outline:
What is Cacao and how is it medicine?
The importance of the heart
Intention and connection in ceremony
Setting the altar and/or grid
Cleansing and clearing with sage, et al.
Holding space, calling directions
The meditation experience
Cacao preparations & recipes
Methods of preparation and Group Toning
Sacred Cacao Sound Ceremony

Cacao (chocolate in its purest form) is an ancient plant medicine and spirit guide that brings you into the now in a deep and physical way and allows you to expand your awareness of your own compassion and empathic response to everyone whom you interact with. It has amazing health benefits and creates an overall sense of well being and expansion.

Known for its heart-opening capabilities, cacao creates a resonant field in your heart, which we will examine and explore to understand more fully. We are going to take it even deeper using vibrational sounds of the crystal healing bowls, gongs, and pyramids along with karuna reiki chanting and toning using Shipibo Icaros in the sacred cacao sound ceremony that you will be a part of at the end.

You will be led into a sacred ceremony of harmonics and heart, where the healing magic of mother cacao will awaken our deepest feelings of connection as well as channel the healing energy of the forest to imbue our bodies and spirits and aid us on our journey to connect and allow connection to our soulmates.

As the cacao activates within us, we will be led into a deep sound healing meditation to bring wholeness and healing to our heart centers allowing ourselves to shift into the vibration of our highest path.

Join us as we learn to teach others how to align our love and attune to the vibration of our best present, attracting or connecting more deeply into our heart space to create the life we are meant to have now, in this lifetime.

Some important guidelines before attending the workshop:

~ No caffeine taken the day of the ceremony.

~ Eat a very light meal 2/3 hours prior to attending.

~ Drink lots of water before the ceremony.

~ For those on any anti-depressants, pain medication or have major heart problems, please consult with your doctor first.

COST: $100

To register and save your spot, Contact Brien Egan at, 757-822-8675, The Sound Healing Conservatory 

Rev. Brien Egan CHt, CRM, CKRM is an author, certified hypnotherapist, a reiki master, karuna reiki master, raku kei reiki master, holy fire reiki master, pranic energy worker, sound healer, EFT practitioner, quantum touch practitioner, ho'oponopono practioner, sedona method practitioner, chakra cleansing teacher, qi gong teacher, an ordained minister from the Essene New Life Church and has his B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Special Education and is the director of the Sound Healing Conservatory. He has been practicing and teaching spirituality for over 20 years. He has done a lot of work with children, families and individuals by leading workshops, classes and through individual, couples or group sessions. He also designed and ran a kids spirituality summer camp for 12 years teaching children many quantum physics and spiritual concepts, meditation and mindfulness practices