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Parking is free; you are advised that the capacity must be monitored closely and pre-event registeration is required. We will all park onsite, if we are mindful of how we use the the unique and complete resources at Deer Park Camp and Retreat.

You have travel optionsPlan your travel door to door when you enter your departure address and Deer Park Camp and Retreat Center 6290 Lower Mountain Road, New Hope, PA 18938 to recieve data for Train, bus, car, car rental, and more...

Deer Park Camp and Retreat has been used for 100 years by weekends groups forming strong communities that enrich. inspire, and transform campers.

As a group we surrender to the minimalist, yet, overflowing with supportive, grounding, and transformative energy of the land the the potential of the people that come to it.

Your food options at Camp Lovelight make it so easy to simply bring only your suitcase! The gourmet meal plan allows you to be present with the flow of the community as we enjoy freshly prepared meals served in a climated controlled dining hall. Lilah's Lounge, in the Lodge , provides a full array of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Pastries, Snacks, Nutricious Juices, Fresh Smoothies, and reishi mushroom coffee and cacao.

Campers are strictly prohibited from impacting the land, including making fires. All fires must be supported by safe equipment (grills, off the ground metal fire pits) and fire exstingushers as well as all safety rules detailed in the Event Rules and Regulations. Only cars with a valid parking permit will be admitted.