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KarmaPool to Lovelight

VW VanParking is limited so please ride with friends.

KARMAPOOL to the Lovelight Festival! 

You don't have to wait for the gates to open to feel the Festival vibe. Catch a ride to the Festival with your fellow Lovelighters on a KARMAPOOL Bus.

Let someone else deal with the traffic while you sit back, relax and get to know your fellow Lovelighters. Integral yoga will be hosting a bus from NYC to the Lovelight. Click here to take the Bus to Lovelight with Integral Yoga.

Need help organizing a bus from your city? Contact us at

Traveling by train or bus? You may hop on the metro from Penn Station in Baltimore (trains leave approximately every 20 minutes), to the Owings Mills Metro Station Bay and hop on the Lovelight Shuttle which will take you to the festival site.  Advanced shuttle reservations are required, reserve your space at least one week prior to the Festival. to make your shuttle reservations contact us at:

You have travel optionsPlan your travel door to door using this site.