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Shelley Herlihy

Localokah Kirtan

Shelley Herlihy has been playing music, singing, and teaching yoga for years. When her love of Bhakti Yoga and music combined, Localokah Kirtan was formed. We are dedicated to offering peace and healing in our crazy world, with musical experiences full of love and devotion! We offer heartfelt original mantra music which includes English lyrics blended with ancient Sanskrit Mantra. We believe that the ripple of love that exudes from a Kirtan can be felt around the world! We invite you to check out some of our music at or on any music streaming platform! "Shelley writes beautiful, heartfelt songs that blend seamlessly with healing mantras. She speaks from her heart through her words and voice, and her music embodies a deeply devotional and authentic feeling." ~David Newman, Sacred Mantra artist, Author, Inspirational Teacher