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What to Expect at Lovelight Festival

What to expect at Lovelight Festival for 3 days of peace, love, and music.

Lovelight BannerWe are being called to gather, transcending the separation of practices to co-create celebration. Festivals are increasing in numbers and rising in popularity, attracting people of different practices with something in common - being the light and acting from love. We gather because we are human, progressing through time and learning as we change. Things have been changing for a while, for better and for worse, and there is a rising urgency to come together with a soul tribe for inspiration and support during this change in consciousness. Gather with your soul tribe at Lovelight Festival.

For years, Lovelight Festival has been blending different interests and practices to create this new space for those who hear the calling in their heart to accelerate forward, and meet others who are doing the same. We travel, we camp, we play, we practice, and we find our community at the Lovelight Festival.

The different elements of the festival celebrate our shared values and open our hearts to something new. You may find yourself called to Lovelight Festival for the world class music or to deepen your yoga practice, and suddenly find yourself in exploring the Visionary Village or the Fairie Village to expand consciousness through play and conversation. Here is what you can look forward to...

Krishna Das PerformanceMusic, Performances, and Kirtan

Experience world class performances and musical artists as they gather for a weekend of high-vibe celebration through dancing, singing, kirtan and more. Mesmerizing fire spinners will light up the night, after a day of enjoying concerts and kirtan.

Healing Village

Within the forest, a sacred space was constructed and blessed to serve all with tender loving care. We have carefully selected the region's best transformational healers to help as you need it: whether it's to rejuvenate, relax, work out the knots, unwind tension, relieve pain, or do meaningful inner work.

Visit the Healing Village early in the festival to pre-book an appointment; walk-in appointments are also welcomed by available therapists. As you wait, relax in Dr. Cacao's Medicine Tent and sip the earthy elixir of ceremonial cacao, or visit the Community Healing Altar to meditate or pray for healing.

Yoga Village

Sponsored by Integral Yoga

Join a class taught by master teachers from many styles of yoga and explore the union of body, mind, and spirit. Throughout the day, all yoga levels welcome to liberate yourself with Jivamukti, get in the flow with Vinyasa, learn amazing new feats in Acro Yoga, let go more deeply with Restorative, and charge your system with Kundalini, and more!

Love Light Learning Lab

Expand your spirit through hands-on creative or self-development experiences throughout the duration of the Festival. Participation in most of the Immersions is included in the General Admission Ticket price; vendors are also offering immersions for additional fees. Experience cacao ceremonies, add your energy to community creations in a group art projects, or take home your new creation. View the lab options and registration information.

Visionary Village

Day and night, this is the place to reconnect with your soul tribe. Immerse yourself in a sensory journey through the arts and imagination. Find live painters, performance artists, expressive dancers, and flow artists playing with fire. Like a deep, steady heartbeat, the subtle bass vibration of the electronic music entrains you with the energy of the crowd and the flow of the dance, as the hours melt away.

Participate in the conscious co-creation of a transformational community built on the foundations of participation, self-expression, empowered dialog, alternate economics, eco-activism, and connection to our roots. Engage in consciously focused conversation and workshops with visionary teachers, shamans, organic farmers, activists, live painters, and flow artists.

Faeries Village

Follow the butterflies across the meadow to a magical place where faeries, pixies, elves, and other magical creatures dance in the sunbeams and shadows. Breathe the fresh air and let your heart soar as you play with the earth, admire all, from flowers to bugs and birds, and look more closely at the trees and leaves with your entire family. Sip on some tea and enjoy the beauty around you as the little pixies make friends and explore the magic realms of their imagination. Kids of all ages can play faerie dress-up and get in the festival spirit with face paint or glitter to shimmer like magic throughout the day.

Children's Village

Sponsored by Kidding Around Yoga

The Children's Village is an inspired space where kids and families feel safe and supported to practice, play, expand, and restore together in harmony and joyful connection. Harmonious Kids will coordinate a full-spectrum program of kids' playshops and adventures including yoga, music, meditation, mindfulness, nature, random acts of kindness, storytelling, cooperative games, and a kids' swimming pool.

Children's Village activities will be infused with magic, imagination, and illumination to create this transformational collaboration of adult and child. Bring your yoga mats, drums, hula hoops, bathing suits, floaties, sunscreen, and open hearts, and join us for a high vibrational weekend of adventure, integration, and liberation for the whole family.

Acro Yoga Camp

This acrobatic yoga camp will include coaches, teachers and participants from many different lineages, creating an opportunity for community, creativity and collaboration. We honor the value of Ahimsa (Non-Violence), expressed through open and positive communication. We seek to share an atmosphere of safety and support in which to explore the multifaceted practice of acrobatic or "Acro" yoga through various workshops as well as opportunities for practice and play. We strive to assist individuals as they break through personal limitations and embrace personal and community growth.


Whether you're camping, glamping, or staying in a group cabin, the healing power of the natural forest will become home as you drift to sleep each night under the moon and rise in the morning with the sun. Regardless of your accommodation preference, remember to bring standard camping gear for a weekend outdoors. Be conscious of your environment and take care of your own trash and recycling, receptacles are not available so please leave nothing but footprints. Palatable water will be available but to avoid long lines, we suggest you bring your own. We have a limited number of showers with hot water and electrical outlets. Public bathrooms and port-a-johns will be on site. If you still have questions, we have answers.

Food Available

Some campers love the retreat-style simplicity of the Vegan Meal Package with 8 meals which provide nourishing spiritual food daily so you are free to enjoy the weekend. Other campers love cooking their own food. Grills and fire pits are available for use and ice will be available for purchase to cook and store perishables. Food Vendors will sell individual meals and snacks like cold pressed juices, falafel, and great guilt-free junk food like vegan gelato.

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The full chakra experience at Lovelight Festival is self-curated and co-created by every person who attends. Bring yourself as you are - in yoga pants, or glitter wings. Spend time and energy in each element and explore as you feel called. Join us as we blend the counterculture of the 60's with the dirty boots of Burning Man exploration, and the wellness of a compassionate lifestyle for 3 days of peace, love and music.

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