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Super 7 Healers

Stones can help access, heal and clear stuck emotions which block joy, abundance, love, good health, etc. from flowing into and through your life. Keeping a stone in your energy field brings you into resonance with its frequency. By choosing a stone that works a specific chakra or issue you are also setting an intention to overcome it and bring yourself into balance. If a favorite stone seems to no longer work or you no longer feel it…consider that you may have come into resonance with it and now need to work with a different stone energy. Many people like to work with stones that align with the high vibration crown and third eye chakras…but that can cause imbalance if the lower chakras are not balanced. We are spiritual beings in physical form…so must anchor high vibration through the lower chakras. 

Super 7 Healers is also offerening non-opoid pain relief oils!