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Poonam Kaur

Ayurveda, Spiritual Readings, Reflexologist, Chakra Balancing, Theta Healing, Soul Retrieval

Poonam Kaur is a healer, medium, spiritual councilor, guide, teacher, fashion designer and an interfaith minster. Her journey began inspiring and empowering women. She has been making difference in many people’s lives by healing and doing soul transformational work for people who have been going through physical, mental and spiritual past and present struggles and traumas.

Her passion to help people heal, teach and guide them to their divine Soul’s path using different ancient modalities such as soul retrieval, Ayurveda –science of longevity, spiritual readings, counseling, inner transformation, certified full body reflexologist, chakra healing & alignment, theta healing & programming, DNA activation, reiki, multidimensional ascension activation and healing with Archangels.

Poonam is the founder for the program called “Soul Path to Nirvana” heal yourself and become the healer which assist lightworkers and healers in their spiritual journey and goals. Her mission and help lighting up the spiritual and divine torch within them, so they hold the light for thousands that come in their paths.


Talk and Chakra Activation with Archangels Meditation

Join Poonam for one-hour presentation where she will be speaking about the different programs offered at her center, learn about the American school of AyurVedic Professionals, followed by meditation on “Theta chakra healing and heart activation with Archangels” as she will work with archangels to help you align your chakras and bring the 7-dimensional healing energy for your ascension.

Poonam will be offering many different modalities, you can preregister at or call (484) 328 3288 come and visit us at our Holistic Center in Malvern PA.