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Natalie Toma

Owner, Enchanted Realms, LLC

Natalie Toma's interest in healing started as a young child.  She always felt a connection to want to help people which led to her eighteen year journey into the healing arts and metaphysics.  She is a certified Massage Therapist, a Reiki Master attuned in Usui and Holy Fire Reiki, a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher with training in Yoga for Anxiety and Energy Medicine Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Healing Yoga: 24 key poses to restore health. She has obtained training and holds certificates in Crystal Healing, Chakra Healing, and Reflexology. Natalie  is also a certified Fairyologist, Realm Reader, Angel Card Reader, and Dragonologist. She has completed a certificate in Wiccan studies, facilitated full and new moon ceremonies, and completed an arch angel training course.  She holds an Associate degree in Hospitality Management, B.S. in Occupational Studies and is currently pursing her Master's  degree in Health and Wellness Coaching.

Natalie is passionate about helping others explore the positive and healing side of life.  She started Enchanted Realms as a way to introduce magick and healing back into our everyday lives.  She honors the essence of every living being.  

With her magical ceremonies, oracle card readings, Reiki & Yoga sessions, in addition to her ceremonial essential oil/spa products, her wish is for you to enjoy each and every moment with a sense of peace and gratitude in your heart and throughout your life! 

Enjoy the Enchanted Realms and allow yourself the opportunity to be enchanted by all of life's beauty and magick.

Title: Yoga to Cope with Daily Stress

Is stress holding you back from living a full life? Learn how yoga can give you the tools to build better stress management skills and how it can foster relaxation.

When it comes to anxiety and stress, yoga really can be magickal. This session will explore different techniques to assist in managing daily stressors.  We will focus on techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also referred to as “Tapping”. We will also create a self-care routine that focuses on subtle energy techniques and gentle yoga poses that can easily be incorporated into a daily practice. Join me as we start our journey into good health and well-being.

Salt Bowl Ceremony

Fee: $15.00 per person

Durtaion: 2 hours

Description: The ancient tradition of the Salt Bowl Ceremony is a magickal way to cast our intentions into the Universe. This beautiful manifestation ritual brings people together in circle to co-create sacred space for ourselves. During the ceremony, a large bowl of sea salt is passed.  around the circle. Each person contributes a special ingredient to the bowl, folding it in as you infuse the salt with prayers, desires, intentions & gratitude. This can be anything that you want, a goal for your life, a thought about the relationships in the circle, a kind message to the group, aspiration, whatever intention you feel compelled to pour into the bowl is left in the salt.  The sacred space we create together magnifies the power of our intentions. This powerful co-creation will be shared among each of us. Our time together will begin with a grounding meditation; followed by sharing our voices in song to amplify the energy and intentions. Please bring an offering for the bowl such as herbs, flower petals, essential oils, crystals…whatever you feel called to bring & a mason jar or similar to bring your salts home with you.

Healing Village

Natalie will also be offering a variety of healing services. Please feel free to reach out to her prior to the show at  The Enchanted Realms to reserve time with her to ensure your schedule is crafted to your preference. She also will be taking reservations onsite.