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Michael Glabicki

Michael Glabicki, lead singer of Rusted Root, has worked on his own unique practice for the last 30 years to open his Mind Body and soul to prepare him for his musical journey and life’s goal. He believe’s that this spiritual practice was equal to his profound musical experiences in helping him to realize his life purpose.  Michael has toured with with rock-n roll greats such as Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, Santana and many others and found that his conversations have always centered around spirituality more so than music.  Michael’s unique musical voice  has always put spirituality front and center and his live show’s have been described as life changing for his fans.

In an industry built around brands and distorted identity Michael found that for him  this was a conflict. He believe’s that to truly be in the musical and spiritual moment you must loose identity and preconceived ideas of the experience. Michael’s work has brought him to the realization that he is at his best when he is in a state of nothingness beyond description. He believes that human’s are moving into an age of individualism and that rock-n-rolls main purpose was to prep us for this next phase of exhistence. 

Michael's practice and workshop is designed to move beyond fears and built in belieifs. It consists of chanting with movement to clear out any fears subtle or profound. The chant is Om Namah Shivaya Raam. It builds the individual’s own unique fire and passion towards the truth of who they are beyond conformity. Attendees will be guided through the movements and the melodic structures by Michael. 

Part of the workshop will consist of Michael telling his story. Starting with a story of where Michael first found purpose at age 2 when he was run over by a car in front of his  families house.  He recalls meeting spiritual advisors at that time that assisted him in making the choice to stay in this life. He describes it as “a negotiation”.  In 1999 he wrote a love song for one of these angelic figures entitled Blue Diamonds.  This and many other songs (old and new) tied to his story will be performed at the end of the class. He will also tell the story of a haphasard visit to the  Haidakhandi ashram in Crestone Co during the forming of the band Rusted Root.

Assisting in the class will be Cara Freidheim owner of Mookshi Wellness Center (and Michael’s wife)  in Pittsburgh PA.  Also, Dirk Miller ( touring guitarist for Rusted Root) will be on guitar and percussion.