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Interactive Art Experiences

Interactive Art Experiences


Training: Turn on Your Lovelights

Presenter: Nathalie Garriz

Cost:  No Fee to participate; join in the fun and add to the community art installation

If you want to take your memories home; you may purchase a lamp to decorate. $20 per lamp

The grounds of the Amethyst Retreat Center have a magical, musical, community, vibrations for all that gather. Learn how to make these beautiful lamps by recycling plastic bottles and turning them into magic "Lovelight lamps". Lets "shine our lights" together!!

All materials included, you can bring your own bottles if you want. Remember, "we leave no trace."

Mandalas from the Heart

Faculty: Nathalie Garriz

Duration: 2 hours

Prerequisite: Beginner

The intention of this workshop is to provide the space to connect with our heart where our pure essence is and bring that energy out to let it flow into the paper when we create our own Mandala.

This workshop will invite everyone to think about the analogy between the process of drawing and painting our Mandala and the process of living our experiences in this life

We can discover the healing power of our Mandala by promoting awareness and detachment. By letting go of all judgment and expectations that our ego will try to impose and connecting with our heart to embrace our unique essence, we will find ourselves creating from our hearts.

This is a space to enjoy the process of trusting and letting ourselves be present recognizing that true essence in us and flow with our emotions without fear or judgment and without the need for external validations.

No Fee to create one painting to take home.

If you want to make more than one painting; we encourage you to do so; please leave it with us to paint for free. If you wan to take it home, there is a $20 fee.