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Hotel Accommodations

Hotel Packages Crafted by Lovelight

All lodging options require a General Admission Entrance Pass

The hotels are both 3.5 miles from the venue and share a parking lot. 

           Holiday Inn Budd Lake

  • 1000 International Drive North Budd Lake, NJ 07828
  • Driving Directions to Holiday Inn Budd Lake
  • Three-mile drive to the venue and next to the Marriott Residence Inn!
  • Your hotel purchase includes one complimentary ticket for the Lovelight shuttle between the hotel and the venue. Purchase additional Lovelight Shuttle Tickets Here
  • Room Rates
  • 2 nights--$417.60; per night including taxes $208
  • 3 nights--$607.00; per night including taxes $202.50
  • Room Detail for the Holiday Inn Budd Lake

     Marriott Residence Inn Mt Olive

  • 271 Continental Dr, Mt Olive Township, NJ 07874
  • Driving Directions to Marriott Residence Inn Mt Olive
  • Hotel packages are sold only through Lovelight Festival.
  • Lovelight Festival operates the shuttle which frequently goes between the hotels and the Festival venue. One shuttle ticket comes with each room.
  • Rate Packages are Listed in the Chart Below:
  • 2-night stay check in Friday and out Sunday
  • 3-nights check in Friday and out on Monday.
  • RI=Residence Inn, Includes kitchen    HI=Holiday Inn, standard hotel room.

    HI 2 nights

    Hi 3 nights

    RI 2 nights

    RI 3 nights

    Per night





    All rates include taxes.
  1. Rates are only available by booking through Lovelight Festival.
  • Lovelight is independently sponsoring and managing a shuttle for both hotels.
  • All room fees must be paid in full at time of purchase.

To purchase hotels packages, write to:

All lodging options require a General Admission Entrance Pass. Rates subject to change; purchase early for best rates.

No Refunds; All weather event. Events Schedule subject to change.