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Yin Yoga

Suzi Zappile


Yin Yoga This is a gentle and relaxing all-level class. Yin yoga focuses on stimulating the connective tissues and joints, which improves the flow of Prana (life giving energy) throughout the body. Class is designed around holding a variety of mat based yoga poses for 3-5 minutes. Using a combination of breath, meditation, and affirmations will ease you further into the pose, truly connecting to your body. The Yin postures are not difficult to hold for these periods of time and are supported by the use props to allow you to release and relax. Yin yoga is the perfect complement to a more Yang (or active) yoga practice. Take some time to relax and truly connect to yourself, your heart space. Join Suzi Zappile, 500 E-RYT, for a 90-minute heart centered Yin Yoga class with crystal singing bowl savasana.