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Wynne Paris

Wynne Paris is the founder of the Lovelight Festival and a dedicated Kirtan Artist. He was introduced to the path of Bhakti by his Grandmother, who was a Yogananda devotee. At age 30, Wynne was invited to perform kirtan with Amma, the hugging saint. In 1997, at age 33, Wynne began collaborating with Krishna Das and helped him with the genre defining cd 'Pilgrim Heart'. Wynne played Sarod, Saz and guitar on the recording. Since then, He has recorded and performed with many Lovelight artists including: GuruGanesha Singh, Dave Stringer, David Newman, Missy Balsam, Felicia Rose, Blue Spirit Wheel, HuDost, Debra Devi, Telsma, Gurunam Singh and more.

Spiritually, Wynne has great reverence &  love for Paramahansa Yogananda, Neem Karoli Baba, HH the Dalai Lama, Amma, Santo Daime, beaches and bonobos.


"At this time when there is such growing interest in America in chanting and devotional music, Wynne Paris stands out as one of best in the field. Besides being an excellent, versatile musician, Wynne's devoted and joyful attitude creates a powerful, sweet, elevated, and heart-opening energy. If you can restrain yourself from getting up and dancing, you have a stronger will than me."
-Swami Asokananda – President, Integral Yoga.