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Woven Green Sound Healers

Sound Healing

Woven Green uses sound to align with the harmonious frequencies of nature and the higher vibrational states of unconditional love and bliss!  As a husband and wife team, Jim and Ashley Cash are dedicated to their work in assisting the elevation and harmonization of human consciousness through the use of sound.  They use vocal toning,  crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, Native Flutes, tuning forks, nature sounds, stringed instruments, and wind gong in order to clear and harmonize the human biofield, chakra system, mental, emotional, physical, and etheric bodies, thereby restoring resonance in mind, body, and spirit.

For the Lovelight Healing Village they will be offering a variety private sessions including Chakra Sound Attunement, Transpersonal Sound Meditations, Tibetain Singing Bowl Sessions, Gong Bath Sessions, Tuning Fork Therapy, Cymatic demonstrations and more!

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Chakra Sound Attunement and 3rd Eye Activation

This workshop is a sonic energetic activation and re-balancing of the Chakra system. Attendees will be gently guided through the process of humming or toning through each Chakra (or energy center in the body) with the aid of Woven Green’s 7 Chakra Soundscapes, which include the sounds of crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, native flutes and drums, nature sounds, vocal toning, wind gong, and stringed instruments. After toning through each chakra, the remaining time will be spent in a 3rd eye activation sound meditation that is specifically designed to enhance inner vision.