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Swar Das

Swar Das is a treasure from India, that has been performing and teaching music for the past 30 years. He has been instrumental in performing for many years for many Gurus and spiritual enthusiasts, ashrams and yoga studios and events. He has performed with a great many musicians over the years.

His stage presence comes through with a developed pranic energy, that transmits to each and everyone present when he plays or performs. His main instrument is the harmonium and chanting, however, he also plays various Indian style drums and djembe.

Swar Das is here to perform for your enjoyment and spiritual uplifting. He is willing to play during yoga, meditation, or yoga nidra sessions for all studios having interest. Anyone wanting to learn to play the harmonium, sing bhajans, develop chanting skills, or develop a strong kirtan voice and kundalini shakti, please contact Swar Das to set up an appointment.