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Suzi Zappile

200hr hatha yoga instructor, Reiki master, Kundalini Prenatal & Fertility Yoga Instructor

Suzi Zappile found her love and passion for yoga when she went from being in chronic pain, from a young age, to being completely pain free in a matter of months! Suzi became a registered 200hr hatha yoga instructor in 2016 and is also a Reiki master a Kundalini Prenatal & Fertility Yoga Instructor.  Soon after her Kundalini training, at the age of 38, Suzi, who has had severe Endometriosis since 19, became pregnant (which doctors said was not possible without IVF). Miracles really do exist!!! Her mission has been to share this with the world: YES! We DO have the ability to help heal ourselves, we just have to be open to the possibility.