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Erica Gramp

SoulCollage® is a fun and intuitive art practice that combines creativity, spirituality and psychology. Come learn how to create your very own deck of personal wisdom cards to consult for strength, inspiration and guidance whenever you need it!
Based on principles of Jungian and Gestalt psychology, SoulCollage® accesses the power of of Image, Intuition, and Imagination to help you find inner strengths and wisdom, reclaim lost parts of you, heal old wounds, channel archetypes, embrace your true self, and honor your unique path in life.
SoulCollage® is full of surprise epiphanies!
In this introductory workshop, you will:
Learn the principles and philosophy of SoulCollage®, the basic structure of a deck, and how to make your very own cards.
Share creative time with a like minded community and create the first cards in your deck.
Gain all the skills you need to continue adding to your deck at home.
Discover how to reveal your cards' messages and practice "reading" from them within a supportive group.
Erica's facilitation style is warm, intimate and interactive. She seeks to co-create a safe and sacred space that is welcoming, nourishing, and empowering for all who attend."