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Saymo Saymo

Jeremy Manson

Saymo Saymo "The Token Block Guy!" He is a born and raised Marylander, currently working as a high-end server for the Washington DC area. Okay, deep down the man is actually pretty darn strange. Saymo Saymo watched impressive cigarbox juggling performances by the likes of Kris Kremo, Eric Bates and artists from Japan. Inspired, he is now a 4 year young cigarbox juggler.  But he doesn't take himself too seriously, well, he does play a mean Kazoobie Wazobo horn ! 

Juggle Box Class: Cigarbox Juggling for beginners!

It's a learning the basics class. I'll teach basic box handling/tossing fundamentals. Any skill level can attend the class. Class duration is 30mins. Currently, I have boxes for about 6 ppl to learn at once. I will buy more to teach & play. 

 What will be taught? 

°How to hold the boxes AKA the Home position.

°How to do basic tricks like re-grip, tumble, and take out.

°How to be silly and breath !

 Goal: Learn a few basic tricks and have fun. Maybe even pique interest to own a set of juggling boxes.