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Dharma Yoga: Pranayama, Meditation & Deep Relaxation

Eric Rosencwaig

Pranayama & Meditation & Deep Relaxation

Style of Yoga:  Dharma Yoga

Description:  Class will include several pranayama (breathing) practices, approx. 20-minute mantra meditation and will conclude with 20-30 minutes of deep relaxation

Duration: 60-75 minutes

Prerequisites: None

Preferred Time: 7 or 8am

Description of Dharma Yoga:  Dharma Yoga is a graceful, yet challenging form of yoga based on Sri Dharma Mittra’s 50+ years of practice of classical yoga. The practice is welcoming to students of all levels. Dharma Yoga has roots in all forms of yoga, with a focus on Hatha- Raja Yoga known as the Eight Limbs of Yoga (Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga). The Dharma Yoga practice aims to improve the physical, mental, and emotional bodies and typically includes practices in pranayama, meditation, asana, and deep relaxation. Although each Dharma Yoga class may vary in postures, the essence and goal is the same- to improve on strength, flexibility, concentration, and peace.