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Superfoods and Earth Sounds with Rainbow Joe*

7:00 pm -8:00 pm Saturday

Superfoods and Earth Sounds with Rainbow Joe
Let's talk about,sip, taste, and pour superfoods. what are superfoods anyway?
Let's try some cacao. Let's try some spirulina. Let's try some hemp powder. Let's try some maca, Let's try some ashwagandha. . Let's give it a go.
We'll talk about the benefits of these superfoods. Can they be mixed together, must they be taken alone or with water or in smoothies? Just come have some fun and listen to some flutes, drums and singing bowls as well.
Hope to see you super soon.

You may attend for the lecture and music; if you wish to enjoy the Superfoods, please pre-register. The fee is: $5.00