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Goddess Cycles

Suzi Zappile and Teja Valentin

Goddess Cycles

The modern day goddess most likely is you! We invite you to join your fellow goddess sisters in our circle. Goddess’s define themselves by their relation to the cosmic flow. Learn how we are all intertwined with the magic and cycles of the moon, Mother Gaia, our bodies and and the goddesses that came before us. Maybe there is some work to do, to step into your full glorious goddess self or you proudly have claimed the title of Goddess/Goddex. Wherever you are, this class is perfect for you. It's a journey worth taking that leads to soul satisfying fulfillment that spills into every aspect of your life. Join us, Suzi Zappile & Teja Valentin in this most popular 4-part women’s circle series. Each class flow will have a brief discussion and ceremony of each of our “seasons” along with the 4 main moon phases, the elements, the goddess and the woman’s stage of life. Followed by warm ups, breathwork and end with a beautiful meditation.

Birth-Maiden-Waning moon-Spring (full of possibility, becoming)

Life-Mother-Full moon-Summer (in full bloom, looking/feeling your best)

Wise Wild Woman-Death-Waxing Moon- Autumn (letting go)

Crone- Rebirth-New moon-Winter (rest- preparing for birth-being with the energy)