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Farmacology: An Exploration of Produce from the Farm to Table

Offsite Excursion to Honey Hollow Farm

Farmacology: An Exploration of Produce from the Farm to the Table

An Offsite Excursion to Honey Hollow Farm

120 minutes. Cost: $45

Location: Honey Hollow Farm

We don’t realize that it also takes a village of organisms, bacteria to raise our fruits and vegetables. Conventional farming has become such that we are ingesting so many unnecessary toxins and chemicals in our produce that affect our bodies on a cellular level. In this workshop we invite you to understand why knowing where your produce comes.  We will tour the farm, look at soil, play in the dirt, planting the seeds for our own vegetable and herb gardens, that we can take home and watch flourish over the summer season. We will also enjoy some foods that are good for our own microbiomes, creating a healthier and more harmonious community within.

Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of chemical free soil and the role it plays in the food we ingest.
  • Understanding of the value of knowing where our fruits and vegetables come from and how it impacts us as well as the environment.
  • Steps and values to starting our own home gardens.
  • Recipes for creating a healthier microbiome

  1. Basic level of understanding of gardening and growing organically


  1. Encouraging the understanding of eating well, eating seasonally and according to body type.
  2. Creating awareness that clean and whole-food eating doesn’t need to be difficult, time consuming or pricey.
  3. Empowering others to make food choices that best nourish and nurture their bodies, from a cellular to a holistic level.