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Get Juiced

Get Juiced was established at the kitchen table by Stefanie and Bob while making ginger candy in February 2015. The wife and husband team\'s desire to optimize their potential for a healthy body and mind and active lifestyle motivated them to create snacks that are flavorful and packed with nutrition. The couple enjoys experimenting while cooking, for example, combining ancient practices of preserving by fermenting with modern tastes (fermented garlic and Celtic sea salt seasoned sprouted almonds.) Their products are handmade with the finest ingredients, always focused on creating unique flavor experiences.

Their priority is people\'s health over profits by organically growing their own produce in nutrient rich soil, buying and selling local, and using non-toxic packaging. Their modest cafe diner is located in the rural town of Sussex, NJ, where they serve the community with smoothies, cold pressed juices, and healthful tasty foods.

Website: Visit Get Juiced