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Eileen Strange - The Soul Shepherd

international Intuitive Empath

Eileen Strange, The Soul Shepherd, is an international Intuitive Empath, Psychic/Medium, Medical Intuitive and Life Coach recently honored by Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide under Women of Excellence for her healing pursuits. 

Eileen credits her being an Empath as the “key” to all her other gifts. 

Traveling through the eyes of her clients either in-person or from a distance by way of a picture, or the eyes of people who have passed on, she is able to channel messages from Spirit related to what is needed at the specific time of the reading.  In addition, she is able to feel energy pockets that are blocking people from being their brightest version of themselves. 

While Eileen sees clients with various styles and abilities, she has a special concern for empaths and highly sensitive people whose gifts have not been recognized or nurtured or polished.  As she sees it, one of her roles is to help people help themselves by removing roadblocks they may have created for self-protection, but that are now preventing them from moving forward.  

Eileen has several healing modalities, one of which is the John of God Crystal Healing Bed where she does 15 minutes of energy release work and then 1 hour on the crystal bed.  

Please visit her website at for complete service offerings and testimonials.  Feel free to email her at to pre-book your reading.  


I FEEL EVERYTHING!!!” --An Empath’s “Gift” and “Curse”

Eileen will be focusing on Empaths and Highly Sensitive People who are struggling with life’s journey as they have to navigate it in a “feeling world”. Living through the heart and feeling everything in your world can be something that can make many Empaths shut down or never come out to be the Empath they were born to be. This talk will be no doubt open up some people who have struggled to never be the Empath they are here to be because “pleasing others” is so much easier. Or is it? When you have to sell pieces of your soul and sense of self, is it really easier or it is time we shine light on who we were born to be????? --A talk geared to illuminate Empaths and their gifts!!!!!