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Blue Solej

Reiki, Guided Meditation, Auracle Readings, Henna Body Art, Energetic Light-Touch Massage.

“Tha Bodhi Spirit symbolizes the process of awakening. Everything I offer is energy based along with the potential to help individuals embrace inner balance. I channel many forms that help to align the Chakras and clear one’s energy. The healing forms I practice are Reiki, Guided Meditation, Auracle Readings, Henna Body Art, as well as Energetic Light-Touch Message. I also create spiritual essentials such as Anointment Oils, Crystal Jewelry, Natural Products, Anahata Tea, Aroma therapeutics, and Smudging herbs. The intention of Tha Bodhi Spirit is to reflect healing energy to the Earth and whoever I am in the presence of”


Samadhi Meditation Gathering

The Samadhi Meditation is an opportunity for individuals to regroup/reflect upon their being in a safe space. It’s never too late to prioritize balance or self care. We will practice connecting with our higher selves, enhancing Third Eye visualization, breathing exercises, and auric cleansing.