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Yoga Christy

Vedic Thai Bodywork

Yoga Christy travels the world, sharing timeless tools for today's transformation. She has dedicated over 17 years to teaching and healing with the mindful folk arts of Yoga, Reiki and Vedic Thai Bodywork.

A devoted practitioner of Thai Bodywork since 1999, Christy is the first Vedic Conservatory Teacher certified by Director 'Mukti' Michael Buck in 2008, earning a second degree in 2015. Yoga Christy leads Vedic Thai Bodywork Courses and teaches on the faculty of Yoga Teacher Trainings in numerous states.

Christy is a highly-skilled Therapeutic Yoga Teacher, who has taught thousands of people of every age, size, and condition, at 25+ studios, universities, and athletic clubs. She works one-on-one helping clients improve posture, relieve tension, develop strength and stability, and heal injuries. In her own life, Christy used Therapeutic Yoga, Bodywork, and nutrition to counteract scoliosis and the negative effects of a sedentary and overmedicated childhood.

Christy is the editor and designer of six bodywork teaching manuals and the author of numerous yoga courses, including a unique Yoga Assisting Curriculum based on Thai and Yoga Therapy principles. Yoga Christy is known for her skill at hands-on-assisting and for teaching classroom skills to Yoga Teachers. Like her Yoga Teacher, Dutch artist Victor Van Kooten, Christy sees, describes, and draws the energy of things, and uses assists to transfer this energetic awareness and opening to students.

In 2012, Christy met luminary band Papadosio, who inspired her to rejoin the visionary festival culture. Since then, she has been a teacher and healer at 14 Transformational Festivals, done bodywork backstage and on the dance floor, live painted, danced her ass off, and traveled to 11 states to see Papadosio play.

Christy earned her Master's Degree in Publications Design from the University of Baltimore and her BA in Studio Art from Goucher College and worked as a web designer for the Hubble Space Telescope before quitting to paint a mural and become a yoga teacher. She gives back to her community by editing and publishing a free monthly newsletter, The Fell's Pointer.

Yoga Christy and her cat Baby Krishna are based in Baltimore's colonial port, Fells Point, where they have a little studio and an Airbnb. Christy is a 15-year car-free bicycle commuter and lives walking distance from almost everything.

Love Thai-Yoga Bodywork?

  • Visit Yoga Christy and friends in the Thai Healing Sanctuary in the Healing Village. Receive a personalized Thai-Yoga Treatment of 20-120 minutes, look for the blue domed tent and signup in advance to assure your preferred time is available.
  • Stay after Lovelight for the 4-Day UNFOLD Retreat, featuring a full course of Thai-Yoga as well as nurturing and restorative Yoga and Bodywork for you!!!
  • Visit Yoga Christy in downtown Baltimore for a session anytime.
  • Bring a Thai-Yoga Bodywork Intensive Weekend to your town!

Schedule a Session with Yoga Christy at Lovelight


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Intro to Thai-Yoga Bodywork

Like giving massages and want to be more effective? Want to help others but afraid you don't know how? Already a massage therapist or Thai enthusiast hoping to broaden your skills?

Join Yoga Christy for an inspiring introduction to Thai-Yoga Bodywork. Thai-Yoga is an ancient healing art which promotes deep relaxation, meditation, and flexibility. Some call it "Lazy Man's Yoga" because the receiver gets to be completely passive as they are stretched and opened. We also cultivate yogic mindfulness and deep breathing as we practice. It's a great way to start your day at the festival!

Christy will instruct various compressions and passive stretches for the back, hips, and shoulders, and you'll get to practice giving and receiving them with your partner in class. You'll learn many simple and effective techniques to take home and share with your friends and loved ones.

You can bring your own partner or pair up in class. Please bring a blanket, sheet, yoga mat or pad to lay on and wear comfy yoga clothes for your best enjoyment of this workshop, as we will be working on the ground. No prior experience is needed but please contact the instructor if you have any injuries or concerns.

Everyone will get to receive as well as give massage! In her workshops, Yoga Christy presents sophisticated healing techniques in a simple and accessible way that awakens the bodywork ninja in all her students. Expect to walk out of this class full of relaxed and full of inspiration!