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Roma MacGregor

Tibetan Five Rites Sunrise and Sunset each day (7am and 7pm)

Tibetan Five Rites (30 minutes)

Sunrise and Sunset each day (7am and 7pm)

Friday (7pm only), Saturday (7am & 7pm), and Sunday (7 am only)

Join in a daily practice attributed to awakening the spine and chakra energy systems of the body. Start and end the day with increased energy, vitality and vigor. Similar to a Kundalini practice we start with the Adi Mantra 'Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo' three times. Five movements are done quickly and repetitively with the breath to activate the chakras and energy pathways. Breath of Fire for 1-3 minutes clears the lungs of carbon dioxide and directs new energy to all parts of the body. Seal the practice and be ready for your day or night. Incorporate this into your daily practice at home for best results. Includes three parts 1) invocation mantra, 2) repetition of 5 breath-led asanas or physical poses and 3) Breath work practice ending in SAT NAM.

Roma MacGregor

Roma brings her love and light to this community by offering daily Tibetan Five Rites practice sunrise and sunsets. This is a short series of 5 movements along with mantra and beathwork that, when practiced daily, is said to be the Fountain of Youth. She has been diligently practicing for over two years with rave results of feeling more energized and in-tune with divine purpose. Roma is an Aerial Yoga and Bellydance instructor, and practicing mantra musician. A devotee at heart with service as her inner compass. She offers monthly New Moon circles (formerly Red Tent). These are online Zoom meeting with special guests from her network and topics each month based on tradition and cycles in nature. Find her online