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Dayna Pinkerton, C-IAYT

Yoga Therapist

Dayna helps you LIGHTen the load and transform your experience of living with greater empowerment, joy and LOVE (sattvic)

As a yoga therapist, Dayna fosters an environment for students to inquire inward and connect to their inherent Self knowing through the vast arena of yoga--- breath, movement and stillness, questioning, listening, sound, prayer, meditation, relaxation.

Yoga Therapy is a source of healing from suffering on all levels from the physical and spiritual to the psychological/cognitive/emotional. Dayna evaluates your current situation with you and creates a personized practice aligned with your goals. Areas of specialty include anxiety, depression, and trauma.

With Dayna’s stewardship, support and guidance you will gain tailored practices to reduce suffering.

C-IAYT, over 1000 hours of yoga training and teaching and over two decades of personal yoga practices

More than 20 years as an educator including adult language education and supervisor of education programs K-12

BA in English and Psychology

Connect with Dayna: 717.968.1496

Schedule your time with Dayna at LoveLight LoveLight

  • 10 minute Drop-In: Delicious Guided Personal Practice $10, pre-register. $15, on-site.
  • 20 minute Santosha: Presence and Contentment $20, pre-register. $25, on-site.
  • 45 minute Clear The Way: Foundation and Deeper Dive $45, pre-register. $50, on-site.



Yoga Therapy: Tools For Integration and Transformation

Worskshop Time: Sunday, 12:45-1:45

Join Dayna Pinkerton for an empowering presentation on simple yoga therapy tools to add to your yogic lifestyle. Participants will learn how to better manage stress through a deeper understanding of the Kosha model. Characteristics of each layer: the physical, the energetic, the mental, the wisdom, and the bliss will be discussed, and an experiential practice will be offered to nourish through the 5 layers.

Visit Dayna at to pre-register for yoga therapy sessions in the Healing Village.

Contact Dayna at: 717.968.1496 or