Volunteer information

Volunteer Registration is closed.

As a volunteer, you lend your expertise to create the wonderful environment we will cherish for the three blissful summer days when we become one under the sun.

Reasons to Become a Lovelight Volunteer

  • Volunteering is a fantastic way to express yourself, to meet new friends and to build new skill-sets. Ever wondered what it takes to make those amazing art installations? Experience firsthand the light of creation by offering your time to help build one.
  • Volunteering provides the opportunity for you to be a part of the infrastructure that is so critical in allowing us to gather in a clean environment that runs in an efficient manner that and honors the earth.
  • In exchange for volunteering, each volunteer will receive a standard 3-day admission pass and a campsite.

Who can be a Volunteer?

Anyone who will be eighteen (18) years or older on or before May 1, 2017 can become a Lovelight Volunteer!

Just like our Lovelight community, our volunteer duties are wide-ranging and require a wide variety of talents. Volunteers of all abilities play important roles in supporting Lovelight and the organizers support and welcome volunteers who need ADA accommodations.

Almost every aspect of the festival is fueled by the volunteer community; it is truly a cornerstone of Lovelight!


Ways to Volunteer

Pre-event Volunteers

Pre-event volunteers are asked to contribute eighteen (18) pre-event service hours.

Examples of pre-event volunteer opportunities include (but are not limited to):

  • Graphic Design
  • Carpentry
  • Painting

Please highlight any special skills that you have when you fill out the application form.

On-site Volunteers

On-site volunteers will work a minimum of twelve (12) total hours divided into three (3) 4-hour shifts. When you're not working, you are a Festival participant and encouraged to participate in all of the Festival activities.

Volunteer assignments are made based on the requirements of the Festival. You must be willing to do any task assigned to you. Please highlight any special skills that you have on the application form.

If you are volunteering with a friend and would like to be scheduled for the same shifts, please notify us on the application. Every effort will be made to accommodate your request; however, we cannot guarantee we will be able to do so.

Lovelight does not pay for or reimburse travel-related expenses. Volunteers are required to pay their own travel expenses to the Festival.

Examples of onsite volunteer opportunities include (but are not limited to):

  • Registration
  • Workshop Monitors
  • Cabin Monitors
  • Lifter
  • Runner

For more information regarding volunteering onsite, please review the Volunteer Rules and Assignments.

How to Apply to Become a Volunteer

Fill out the below application form and submit with payment. Application does not guarantee a volunteer position.

Application Fee

The application fee is thirty dollar ($30), is non-refundable, and must be submitted with the application. Payment is made via Paypal when the application is submitted.

Refundable Admission Deposit

Onsite Volunteers

A refundable admission deposit of two hundred and ten dollars ($210) must accompany applications for on-site volunteer positions. Payment is made via Paypal when the application is submitted. We are not able to consider registrations without full payments.

Should you complete your work assignments and adhere to all of the Festival and volunteer rules, the card you use will be refunded two hundred and ten dollars ($210) within one month of the end of the festival.

In the event, you do not complete your volunteer assignment or you are found to be in violation of Festival or volunteer rules, your payment will not be refunded and you will pay for your ticket.

Should your conduct result in your removal from the Festival, you will forfeit your deposit.

Pre-event Volunteers

Applications for pre-event volunteer positions do not have to pay the $210 deposit but are required to pay the $30 application fee.

Notification of Acceptance

After we receive your application fee and deposit, you will be considered for a volunteer position. Should you be accepted, you will be notified via email of your assignment and schedule. Should you not be accepted, your refund will be sent within 7 days of notification of your status.


Cancellations must be received via email by July 16, 2017, in order to receive a refund of the admission deposit. Letters of cancellation should be sent to info@lovelightfestival.com. Cancellations received after July 16, 2017, will result in a forfeiture of the admission deposit. All cancellation refunds will be processed within 7 days.