Retail Vendors

Retail Vendor Rates Start at $325

The Lovelight Festival Vendor Program is a canvas on which Lovelighters who are creators, artisans and teachers can shine at every stage of their journey. Brick and mortar retailers, seasoned festival vendors, cottage industry atrisans, licensed or certified healing practioners, teachers, and weekend hobbyists are offered a rich menu of vending options and support that satisfies varying budgets and goals.

Lovelight offers various vending options in the categories of retail, food and beverage, and healing. Each option offers attendees a variety of attractions and entertainment in a unique atmosphere designed to naturally promote exchanges of expertise.

Before registering, please review the Lovelight Festival Vendor Rules and Regulations.

If you are ready to register, you can jump to the registration form below.

Lovelight Street -  $325
Innovators and creators enjoy this casual marketplace of people sharing their passion.  


  • One (1) Vendor Admission Pass
  • One (1) Lovelight Street 10’x10’ vendor space
  • Tents and vehicles are prohibited.
  • You may bring (or rent from Lovelight) a 6’ table.
  • Option to sell your product in the Lovelight Community Store.***
  • Access to one (1) discounted Vendor Meal Plan for an additional fee of $70.
  • Twenty-five (25) words about your business featured on the Lovelight website and in the printed program*

Lovelight Learning Lab - $450
The home of interactive learning opportunities for Lovelighters who want hands-on participation in the creative process or who wish to explore a new subject matter.


  • One (1) Vendor Admission Pass.
  • One (1) Lovelight Learning Lab timeslot.**
  • Option to sell your product during business hours at the Lovelight Learning Lab.
  • Option to sell your product in the Lovelight Community Store.**
  • Access to one (1) discounted Vendor Meal Plan.
  • A description of your workshop listed in the online and printed programs.*
  • Fifty (50) words about your business featured on the Lovelight website and in the printed program.*

Classic Retail Vendor Village Booth Spaces: 10’x10’ for $500  or 10’x20’ for $950 

A groovy bazaar of tents, vans, and campers.


  • One (1) 10’x10’ or 10'x20' area in the Classic Vendor Village.
  • Two (2) Vendor Admission passes for 10’x10’ or four (4) passes for 10’x20’.
  • Vendor Lounge access for (2) two for 10’x10’ or four (4) passes for 10’x20’.
  • Additional staffer for a rate of $200. Limit one (1) for 10’x10’ and two (2) for 10’x20’. Additional staffer rate does not include vendor lounge.
  • Complimentary parking in the village for car, camper, bus, and vans up to 15'; larger vehicles require approval.
  • Option to purchase discounted Vendor Meal Plans. Max number that can be purchased: three (3) for 10'X10' booth and six (6) for 10'X20' booth.
  • Fifty (50) words about your business featured on the Lovelight website and in the printed program.
  • Link on the Lovelight website; listing in the printed program, listing on the program map.*

Dedicated Showcases - $150
Spotlight Your Product, Increase Sales, and Generate New Customers
The dedicated showcase is only available to Vendors who purchase a Classic Vendor Village 10’x10’ or 10’x20’ space.


  • Three (3) opportunities to showcase/demonstrate your product on your choice of either the Showcase Stage or in your Vendor Booth.
  • Your logo on the Festival map.
  • Your product showcase schedule is listed in the Lovelight Festival program.
  • One hundred (100) words about your business featured on the Lovelight website and in the printed program. Replaces the fifty (50) words that are included in the vendor package.*

Note: To participate in the Lovelight Learning Lab, you must be approved by Lovelight Festival Management. Proposals must include a detailed description of your proposed activity with all logistical requirements such as: time length, amount of space required, room set up, and minimum and maximum number of attendees. Applicants are accepted within 48 hours of submission; declined submissions are refunded within 72 hours of submission minus a $30 non-refundable application fee.

Additional Vendor Services

Vendor Lounge - $150 per person
The Vendor Lounge is a customer-free oasis with designated Sani-Johns, complimentary refreshments, and massages. Access to the lounge is included with purchase of a Classic Retail Vendor Booth, Food Vendor Booth, and Healing Vendor Booth.  A limited number of additional tickets may be purchased via the online registration form. Please refer to benefits packages for qualifications.

Discounted Meal Plans - $70 per person
The discounted meal plan has designated meal times to ensure quick access to excellent food for all vendors. The meal plan is comprised of eight (8) meals and is Vegan. All vendors are eligible to purchase.

Electricity - $50 - $200
Electricity is available for your booth in the following amounts:

5 Amps=480 watts, 10 Amps=960 watts, 15 Amps=1440 watts, 20 Amps=1920 watts


Before Completing the Retail Vendor Application Form Please
Read the Festival Rules and Regulations

IMPORTANT: Please be prepared to complete the entire application form once you get started. Once the form is started you will not be able to save and return to this form or make changes to your information once you hit the "Check Out" button. Please be sure to fill out all of the required fields. (*) indicates required field. 

Questions? Contact the Lovelight Festival at

Please enter your name exactly as you would like it to appear in print or online.


Sales Tax Licenses: (if applicable)


Please specify the category which your merchandise represents. This information will be used to ensure we do not have duplicate products. At the end of the form you will be asked to upload at least two photos of your product.


Please detail the information you wish to have on your exhibit space sign (limit 30 characters).

If your booth will require electricity please order below.

Provide a description of your business for the festival website/program. (limit 50 words/limit 100 words if purchasing booth and Dedicated Showcase)

Provide a description of your business for the festival website/program. (limit 50 words/limit 100 words if purchasing booth and Dedicated Showcase)


Please detail the information you wish to have on your booth sign (limit 30 characters).



Please upload at least two photos (in jpg or png format) that clearly show your booth set-up and at least two photos that feature the product's you will be selling. Photos may be included in the event program.

Please include any additional information about the photos that you would like us to know.

By submitting this form you acknowledge and accept and understand all rules and regulations outlined in the official Lovelight Festival Rules + Regulations and that the event will be held rain or shine and there will be no refunds after the date declared within the document. The Lovelight Festival Rules + Regulations terms are hereby legally binding once your payment is processed.

This contract covers any and all shows listed below to which Vendors(s) apply or are accepted. I/we the applicant(s) have read the “Festival Rules and Regulations” printed as part of this licensing application/contract and agree to abide by all said Festival Rules and Regulations. In addition, I/we, the applicant(s), do expressly release the Producer (Lovelight Festival, LLC,) and the Owners of the Show Sites of and from any and all liability for any damage, injury or loss to any person, business or property which may arise from the licensing and occupation of the Vendor space by the applicant(s), and agree to hold and save the Producer and Owners of the Show Sites harmless of any damage, injury or loss by reason thereof. In addition, I/we give permission to use my name, business name, image descriptions, item prices, and any images or videotape of me or my items for any and all purposes in return for the public exposure I/we desire for me, my creations and/or products.