Lovelight Sarasota

Thanks to all who made Lovelight Sarasota, a one day yoga + arts festival held on Dec 2, 2018 such a great success. We gathered with friends and celebrated yoga, arts, music and community. Looking forward to next year when you, once again, bring the entire family and participate in a a full day of activities including multiple yoga classes, kirtan, great vendors, music, drum circles, flow arts, and dancing. We'll be back to feed our souls with inspiring and interesting workshops, and to dance, chant, feast on delicious, freshly prepared vegetarian food, receive healing arts services from a licensed and certified practitioners and celebrate the love and talent in our community.

We want to especailly thank those who worked tirelessly to provide a wonderfully inspirational and rejuvinating day in Sarasota where we enjoyed: 

  • Kirtan with Missy Balsam
  • Yoga with Lora Hogan
  • Belly Dance Yoga with Patty Renda
  • Kirtan with Wynne Paris and friends
  • Chi Gung with Dr Caz
  • Kai dance with Kelly Atkins
  • Kirtan with Blue Spirit Wheel
  • Kali Natha Yoga with Shakti Durgaya
  • Laughter Yoga with Dana Kaplan
  • Kirtan with Sarasota's rockin kirtan band
  • yoga with Jaye Martin 
  • Nada yoga with Fred Cantor

We are ever grateful for the years of love, friendship, creativity, inspiration, and unwaivering support from the wonderful souls at Kashi Ashram - home of Kali Natha Yoga