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Immerse yourself in the Lovelight Learning Lab which provides hands-on creative or self-development experiences throughout the duration of the Festival.
Expand your spirit through cacao ceremonies and add your energy to community creations by joining Lovelighters in creating group art projects. The Lovelight Learning Lab also offers the opportunity for you to create individual projects to take home.

To purchase and register for Learning Lab modules, use the link below.
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After you have purchased and registered, write to to recieve a discount code on the general admission ticket ( bringing it down to $165 ).   If you have already purchased a general admission ticket, please write to and we will give you a free Lovelight Festival T shirt.

This offer is good through July 31st.


A Wide Variety of Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga Classes

Presenter: Rhonda Wilson

Workshop Time: Saturday 10:30am-1:30pm and Sunday 1:00pm-4:00pm

Duration: 1 Hour Class

Cost: $30


If you are new to yoga, SUP or both, you are invited to join me on the water for an unforgettable outdoor, floating yoga experience.

Class will begin with a moment of silence to bring awareness to the uniqueness of the space & your breath - taking time to soak in the beauty of the sky, lake, and all the natural beauty that surrounds you.

Throughout this mindful, slow, guided and gentle heart & hip opening flow you'll have many opportunities to take in the beauty of your surroundings, finding balance within yourself and become one with this truly unique space.

Practice will be sealed with savasana, guided relaxation, loving kindness and a moment of gratitude.


Awaken your soul to the magic of a sunrise practice on the water.

A wonderful warm up for your day and accessible to yogis of all levels of practice, this magical experience, will begin with a moment of silence to bring awareness to the beauty of the space, awareness to your breath and connection to your body.

Gentle, grounded, breath synced movements will warm your spine and help you feel more comfortable moving on the board. Moving through familiar and traditional movements you’ll find peace within. After awaking your body and mind, you'll enjoy moments of silence while holding yin like postures where you can connect more deeply with yourself while absorbing the gentle warmth of the sun.

Practice will be sealed with savasana, a guided relaxation to bring you back and a space to practice loving kindness and gratitude.


Looking for a little extra challenge? Something a little more fiery?

Come dance in the fire with me!

This breath focused vinyasa practice will have you bringing your A-game to the board. Ujjayi breath guided movements will warming your spine and lead to a few fiery salutations to the sun. Rock your core with a powerful plank and core focused series adding challenge to your practice before unleashing your own creative fiery flow. Reclaim your breath and awareness in a few longer held postures to build strength and stoke your internal fire. To wind down, you'll find sanctuary in grounded, long held postures where you can breathe more deeply with a calming & balancing breath.

Practice will be sealed with savasana, a guided relaxation, loving kindness and gratitude.

Professional Certification: Thai Yoga Massage Module

Sudevi is a highly sought-after Vedic Conservatory certified teacher of Nuad Borarn, Vedic-style Thai-Yoga Bodywork and has done extensive studies with Mukti Michael Buck. She completed a 175 hour internship through SomaVeda in Northern and Southern Thailand as well as studied at the Sunshine School of Massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

She is duly certified in Integral and Jivamukti Yoga and was graced by His Holiness, Sri Swami Satchidananda and Yoga Masters Sharon Gannon and David Life.

She also holds a Master’s degree in Creative Writing from the University of Missouri as well as many certifications in various forms of energy medicine and healing technologies. Sudevi leads study tours to Thailand, and workshops nationally and internationally.


Putting it All Together - The Art of Sequencing with Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork.

In this workshop you will learn the  dynamic flow of energetic sequencing in Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork ~ a grounded  synthesis of exotic stretches, acupressure, and rhythmic compressions.


You will:

Study a 3,000 year old traditional folk art that creates radiant health.

Enjoy strengthened vitality through bandhas, pranayamas, and meditation techniques

for personal focus.


~Discover how to harmonize spiritual energy though the physical body and open the energetic ~gates and pathways.

~Strengthen the immune system,hormonal health, and balance  the physical, mental and emotional


~Stimulate higher levels of consciousness on a cellular level.

~Learn Thai prayers and special healing mantras.

~Experience Thai self-care techniques—a great feature to add on to Yoga classes.

~Receive bodywork as you learn!


“There are no levels. There is just the art. You practice until you die.”

~Pichet Boonthumme


All levels welcome. This folk-art is suited for all interested in healing and well-being.

Kirtan Training with Mike Cohen

Mike Cohen, MA, founder of Kirtan Leader Institute, loves working with those who feel called to share Kirtan with others, and who possess big ambitions around personal development and contribution through Kirtan. Mike has trained and apprenticed hundreds of Kirtan Leaders, from total beginners to students he helped create and release full length Kirtan albums. In 2016 alone, Mike worked with 150 students through his Kirtan Leader Institute, helping them build the skill and confidence required to chant at home and serve others through sacred chant. Mike guides his students to build thriving chant communities, lead with power and grace, write original chants, tour, play at festivals, create albums and, along the way, transform who they are being in the world.  For more information, visit 

1. We offer a 6 hour Level 1 mini-intensive (up to 30 participants) that runs Thursday and Friday from 9am-noon. Cost - around $125

2. Plus a 6 hour Level 2 mini-intensive (up to 15 participants) that runs Saturday and Sunday from 9am-noon. Cost - around $125

3. Plus a 12 hour Level 3 mini-intensive (up to 6 participants) that runs Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 1-4 or 2-5pm. Cost - around $250

All programs would focus on:

  1. Building repertoire appropriate to each of the 3 levels
  2. Building/deepening skills on the harmonium appropriate to each of the 3 levels
  3. Strengthening singing appropriate to each of the 3 levels
  4. Developing a strong internal sense of rhythm appropriate to each of the 3 levels
  5. Building relevant leadership skills appropriate to each of the 3 levels (mostly Level 2 and 3)

Personal Development Immersion: Cacao Ceremony & Chocolate Church

Cost: $20 Pre-register for this Learning Lab and save on your General Admission Ticket

Presenter: Silvermoon Chocolate

Workshop Time: Saturday 5:00pm-6:30pm pm

Duration: 1.5 Hour Class

Cacao Ceremony:

Aradhana Silvermoon and Truth-I Manifest, founders of Asheville, NC-based organic raw chocolate company Silvermoon Chocolate, and lead singers of the folk/funk/hip-hop band I,Star, have a passion for music and chocolate! As longtime practitioners/teachers of yoga and qigong, they have been working with unroasted cacao for over 11 years, creating delectable, superfood-enhanced treats, while observing and experimenting with its physical and metaphysical properties. Their concurrent study of herbalism and human energetics of various traditions has led them to a profound and unique perspective in the use of cacao as a sacrament, elixir, and catalyst for inner alchemy and higher consciousness.

Theobroma Cacao, which literally translates to "cacao, food of the gods" has been used for centuries in ceremonial and spiritual contexts, and is one of the most powerful, yet gentle facilitators for inner work. The spirit of the cacao is potent and can assist greatly in any transformational shifts one is working towards. It has been known to clear negative emotions, liberate euphoric states, and assist in connecting to pure heart energy. Cacao is scientifically known to contain high amounts of PEA, or phenylethlylmine, a neurotransmitter naturally produced in the body when we fall in love, and anandamide, also known as the bliss hormone, therefore providing a natural high by boosting the body's natural "feel good" chemicals.

In their Cacao Ceremony, a strong, sacramental cacao elixir will be served as Aradhana and Truth-I weave together a synergistic musical, meditative, energy cultivation experience of ceremonial chocolate, music and prayer! This is an opportunity for channeling creativity, opening to ecstatic states, freeing our voices and connecting to the energies of the heart-fire.

Chocolate Church

Cost: $20 Pre-register for this Learning Lab and save on your General Admission Ticket

Presenter: Silvermoon Chocolate

Workshop Time: Sunday, 2 sessions, 11am-12:30pm, 1-2:30pm

Duration: 1.5 Hour Class

Chocolate Church has arisen from our 10+ years experience of using cacao in our spiritual practice as a medicinal sacrament and focuses on creating a container for contemplation and deep inquiry. We have observed that chocolate, and especially a strong brew of cacao, made with love and intention opens gateways in the human heart and spirit, and when combined with inward contemplation, reflection on the Divine, and fellowship in a safe container, it proves a warm and gentle catalyst to greater states of gratitude, compassion for Self and others, forgiveness, and peace. Our Chocolate Church meeting invokes the ancient root word for church- circe/cirke (circle), and involves the use of deep inward exploration through a period of silent meditation, followed by an exercise of “active listening.” Modeled in part after a Quaker meeting, participants are asked to reflect inward, listen deeply, practice discernment and share as the Spirit inspires. In this way we receive reflections, messages, lessons, and wisdom from our collective which leads to further contemplation of purpose, presence, and service to the greater good. With the assistance of the Cacao medicine we are enabled to journey more deeply into our heartspace to connect with each other and the Divine. This section is followed by facilitation that leads into a community forum where profound discussion is fostered. There will be singing, silence, listening, wisdom, and opportunity to commune with self, Great Spirit and each other. All feelings are welcome in this safe, sacred container harnessing the potential for great growth and love

Tu - Anh - tantra/ Every Woman's inner goddess

"Every woman has an inner goddess and everyone wants to be with her.”
Do you sometimes or often crave to reconnect with your softer and more vulnerable side? Do you sometimes or often feel like you need to slow down and smell the roses, hear the birds sing, dance seductively to the sound of beautiful music and hear your heart sing with joy? Do you sometimes or often feel like you have forgotten how to act like a feminine woman or what it feels like to be sexy?  If you have answered yes to all, then it is time to awaken the goddess within you, your sensuality, your sexuality, and your femininity that you have kept hidden for so long in order to survive in the world of the masculine.
We have both masculine and feminine energy within us. It is important for us to keep both energy balanced and healthy.
In this fun, sexy, and engaging workshop, tu-anh will demonstrate and share with you 11 of her 29 goddess secrets on how to look, act, and feel forever feminine and sensual without having to expose all of yourself.
This workshop is meant to awaken your femininity, your creative life force, your sensuality, and your true sacred divine love, beauty, and light.
Dress Code: Anything that makes you feel feminine, relaxed, and beautiful!
Feminine Etiquette: Come in your most vulnerable and open minded self!

Qi Gong with Akmal Muwwakkil

Qi Gong pronounced chi kung, is an ancient Chinese internal health and healing art system. The practice of Qigong is normally slow, graceful movement with controlled breathing techniques. Qigong promote circulation of Qi (energy), blood and body fluids through the body enhancing overall health. There are many different forms of Qigong, some style have no movement at all, some incorporate sitting, standing still or laying in the supine position. Other style use gentle graceful movements, incorporating different postures, which could be sitting or standing

Qi Gong works to assist the body’s internal organ network to increase its healing abilities in order to maintain health. Qi Gong increase and promotes cardiovascular health. Qi Gong movements increases blood oxygen circulation, opens joint to improve range of motion, reducing the prevalence of joint injuries. It enhances equilibrium and stability as it promotes endurance and stamina. In China, Qi Gong is a major contributor to the Chinese healthcare system, were hospitals utilize Qi Gong in the conjunction with surgery, acupuncture, Tui Na, herbal therapy, and other medical therapies. Many of China’s athletes, and physical performers use Qi Gong as a warm up exercise before competing.

Spring Wind Qi Gong uses a system of several different moving posture. These posture assist the body in being able to strengthen itself from the inside out. Each posture works with the organ network, muscle groups and structural integrity. The postures incorporate movement of the extremities, coordinated with the breath promoting the movement of Qi (energy). Each posture works to allow the body the opportunity to readjust its own health characteristic. Spring Wind Qi Gong postures activate Qi, blood and body fluid nourishing the internal organ network (liver, kidneys, heart, etc.). This flow promotes a healthy balance of nutrients circulating through your body, resulting in the reduction and/or elimination of health conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, fibromyalgia, constipation, weight loss, other acute and chronic health conditions. The movement successful increases metabolism, resulting an increase in your body overall health. When Qi flows it moves blood and body fluids. This promotes moisture and nourishment to all areas of the body, reducing cramps, spasms and pain. Spring Wind Qi Gong, strengthens muscles, tendons, ligaments and soft tissues. Spring Wind Qi Gong increase joint flexibility and

improves the body’s posture. Spring Wind Qi Gong is perfect as an addition to sports and fitness workouts. It increases endurance, enhances stamina, and improves your overall energy during a workout or sports competition. The strength of incorporating Spring Wind Qi Gong in to a fitness program is its ability to strengthen the body to reduce and/or eliminate the possibility of a sports injury

SPRING WIND QI GONG Aids the body in: ¨ Improving blood circulation ¨ Reducing pain ¨ Increasing flexibility ¨ Reducing blood pressure ¨ Decreasing blood sugar levels ¨ Increase stamina ¨ Enhances endurance ¨ Increases strengthen ¨ Improves digestion ¨ Assist in weight loss

Angela Meyer


Angela Meyer, MDIV, 200EYT, Self Defense Black Belt, Budokon Brown Belt, Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt, Amateur Muay Thai Fighter, End of Life Counselor

Workshop Duration:      3 Hours, Friday-Sunday

Cost:     $125 Pre-Register for this Learning Lab and save on your general admission ticket

“Sometimes you gotta go to the places that scare you the most to really believe you are strong enough to rise out of them.”  -Angela Meyer 

Warrior Woman Republic ISD Course Description: 

In this course, we will use the physical modalities of Mixed Martial Arts,Muay Thai, and Self Defense to unleash your first line of defense, You and You. 

Questions we will address: 

*How are you protecting yourself in your everyday life? 

*How do you show up in the world? 

*Do you say yes when you want to say yes, no when you say no?

*How do you set boundaries in your life? 

*Do you speak up when you need to?

Through the physical modalities of Mixed Martial Arts, we will access “real time” information, in order for participants to become more aware of how you present yourself in the world.  Through stress inoculation drills, we will explore your primary response in a limbic state.  Do you fight, flee or freeze? We will explore tools and necessary times to access all of these primal responses.   

  The 9 hour CEU certification is a path to deeper self awareness, building an internal tool box, so that you are not just reacting to external stimuli, but choosing how you want to respond.  Ultimately, creating your own storyline of who you want to be in the world. 

Each day, we will break down techniques and practices you can integrate into your everyday routines, creating more balance, strength, contentment, and well being in your day to day life. 

(Please come prepare to sweat, work hard, go deep and make big changes in your life.      Wear clothes you can move in. You decide is you want to wear running shoes or be barefoot.)

At the end of the course, participants will earn a Level One Internal Self Defense Certification through Warrior Woman Republic LLC. 

Angela Meyer is a Fit to Fight Black Belt, Budokon Brown Belt, Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt, Movement Arts Trainer and Master Yoga Teacher in Washington DC. Her style of instruction blends her wealth of experience in Mixed Movement Modalities, decades of teaching experience, years of immersion in hospice work, Buddhist Chaplaincy, counseling and Masters of Divinity.  

CEU 9 Hours, Friday -Sunday (3 hours each day)

$125                                                                                                                                       Contact: 


Zouk Tantra Dance

This is an invitation into inquiry, encouraging you to listen to your own heart and body. This is an opportunity to awaken to the sacred tremor within! Combining Tantric Yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, and Brazilian Zouk, use pulsations of stillness and movement to heighten body awareness, increase overall health and connection to Self along with those around you. You will not only increase flexibility, strength, connection and health, but you may well experience more joy and a greater sense of being alive. There will be partner exercises along with individual practices.

Delve into the depth beyond the void you so yearn to escape. Gift yourself the essence of total abandon. Hold on to no thing and let go of all reprise. Be with all there is, with all it is here to offer you and be daring to learn. Be willing to listen and brave enough to hear. Transformation is but a mystery and if you look this mystery in the eye, you see there is nothing and everything all at once, laying there before us. The spaces on this planet are but mirrors of all you agreed to stumble upon. You're on this path for the timeless treasure of unconditional being. You are thrown conditions to grow into the unlimited source of all you are. The vibration is raising...rising. The Body grows lighter and the messages get louder. listen, listen..tune in. Join us into the Journey of Transformation!

(Brazilian Zouk is a partner dance that is characterized by deep connection, flowing movements, and eye catching isolation. This is an invitation into inquiry, encouraging you to listen to your own heart and body while flowing with movement and increasing connection to yourself and those around you. The music was influenced from traditional Afro-Caribbean zouk music when it traveled to Brazil and now here; eventually it evolving into what we call, Brazilian Zouk. Today, Brazilian Zouk can be danced to many genres of music. The dance is considered to many the "modern dance" of the partner dancing world and loving freedom of expression it provides. Join us for this authentic expression of breath and movement, discover new possibilities, and unlock your greater potential! )

This intensive will focus on Mindful Connection through Zouk and Yoga (Zouka). 4 Hours of class and 1 hour break to connect even further, eat, relax, integrate.

Some background on our teachers:

Mimi la Mariposa began dancing latin and ballroom dances in college. After graduation she entered into a teacher training program to become a ballroom dance instructor. When she discovered zouk in 2014 she fell in love with the freedom and beautiful flow of the dance. She set out to learn as much as she could, traveling several hours weekly to train with the closest instructor to her city as well as traveling to dance as many dance congresses as she could manage. She began teaching zouk classes in her home town of Nashville, Tennessee and helped co-found Nashville Zouk Nouveau. In 2016, Mimi joined the ZoukMia teacher training certification course and became certified to teach zouk in January of 2017. Now, after moving to the Northern Virginia area, Mimi runs the ZoukMia-DC Brazilian Zouk school and directs the SaZoukMia-DC dance team.

Alena Interrupted is a passionate Kripalu Yoga teacher, Reiki and Thai Bodywork Practitioner. She teaches with the intention to inspire authentic expression, and movement on and off the mat. She believes yoga is yoking the mind, body, and soul, a practice for all. Alena inspires authentic living, art, and movement throughout the United States, Europe and Scandinavia. Alena is continuously expanding her knowledge and education in the healing arts through workshops, courses, and certifications.
“My mission is to guide others to find empowerment within themselves through the yoga of compassion, to live life through truth, liberation, and integrity, radiating light.” –AlenaInterrupted


Mindfulness Circle:

  1. Centering/pranayama
  2. Practice walking
  3. Introductions/get to know
  4. Kripalu Yoga
  5. Sit back to back- feel the breath of the other person
  6. Sit back to back- trust the other person to lean on and let them lean on you
  7. Face to face- Consent- Say No
  8. Face to face- Consent- Yes or No

Working from the feet up;

Zouk warm up

Feet articulation

Leading walking exercise

Zouk basic breakdown (isolations)

Goup Snake Lead - AND SIT (at end)

Social Circle:

reaking emotional boundaries discussion

Get up zouk around the room

zouk basic step

breaking out of zouk basic step

Chasing a follow exercise

Connection- frame (wine glass and thigh), connected breathing, isolation, basic

Leading walking exercise- across the floor

Run partner around the room

Follow in the Center-Poke


Self Care

Self Massage

Take home

Isolation exercises to increase body awareness (chest and hips and back)

Self Care exercises

CEU Training: The Dakini Mandala of Emotions - Tantric Study

CEU Training: The Dakini Mandala of Emotions

Cost: $45 Pre-register for this Learning Lab and save on your General Admission Ticket

Presenter: Amarjyothi, Certified Yoga Therapist, TRE® and CFT provider

Workshop Time: Saturday: 3 hours, $45

The Dakini Mandala of Emotions: Our emotions are either entangled or liberated. When our emotional responses are in a reactive pattern we will usually experience the suffering that comes from identifying with the interpreting mind. When they are in a liberated pattern, we experience grace and ease. The Dakini Mandala of Emotions is a tool we can use to recognize our emotional patterns as they relate to one of the 5 elements (earth, fire, water, air and space). These elements are also linked to, or overseen, by the 5 different Dakinis (Sky Dancers who are attendants to the goddess.) When we invoke the powers and grace of these Dakinis we can transform a reactive pattern into the flow of wisdom. This change of orientation will allow us to interact with the world in a more sattvic, or harmonious, way. Then, instead of draining the energies in and around us, we can respond peacefully and skillfully to the challenges life hands us. This training will outline both the reactive and the liberated patterns associated with each of the 5 elements. We will explore what these patterns look like so we can recognize and understand when we are in a reactive pattern and see how that influences our interactions with life. We will also be able to recognize when we are engaged in a liberated pattern so as to see when we are expressing them already! The workshop will offer a variety of tools to liberate these patterns, such as visualization, mantra, and self-inquiry.  Freeing ourselves from these patterns will allow us to also fly through the sky and be in service to world around us.

Amarjyothi had been a dedicated student of tantric adept and Shree Vidyaa master, Parvathi Nanda Nath Saraswati since 1998. Her studies have included a variety of yoga technologies and philosophies, including asana, meditation and therapuetic modalities. She is a certified Yoga Therapist and was a student of Mukunda Stiles, author of Structural Yoga Therapy, until his passing. Amarjyothi has been the director and senior teacher at Yoga Loka in Frenchtown New Jersey since its inception in 2003.


CEU training: Emotional Liberation - Tantric Study

CEU Training: Emotional Liberation--attendance at the Dakini Mandala is encouraged, but, not mandatory for attendance for this segment.

Presenter: Amarjyothi, Certified Yoga Therapist, TRE® and CFT provider

Cost: $45, Pre-register for this Learning Lab and get a discount on your General Admission TIcket

Workshop Time: Sunday, 1:00pm-4:00pm

Emotional Liberation with Amarjyothi: Obstructed emotions ties us much of our energy. We could direct that energy towards skillful action if it was free for use. Join Amarjyothi , tantric practitioner And TRE facilitator in this 3-hour workshop where you will learn how you can free yourself from the negative pull of emotions. Using swadaya (self-study), Patanjali 's Yoga Sutras, and TRE (Tension/Trauma Reducing Exercises) as taught by Dr. David Berceli, you will leave with a comprehensive  toolbox of techniques that will lead to Emotional Liberation. Attendance at the Dakini Mandala of emotions on Saturday is suggested but not required.

Amarjyothi has been a dedicated student of Tantric Adept Parvathi Nanda Nath Saraswati for the past 20 years. She is currently finishing her third year of an intensive Shri Vidyaa training based on the teachings of Shri Amritanandanatha Saraswati from Devi Puram in Andhra Pradesh. She has studied directly with Dr. Berceli, founder of TRE since 2014. Amarjyothi has used the Yoga Sutras to guide her practice and teaching for more than a decade.

CEU Training Sound Healing

Presenter: Dante Baker, LMT 200EYT

Workshop Time: Sunday: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Duration: Six Hour Class

Cost: $125 Pre-register for this Learning Lab and save on your General Admission Ticket

Sound meditation is healing for the mind, emotions and body. Listening to the sounds assist with deep relaxation which is one key aspect of meditation. Tibetan and Crystal bowl sounds has been proven by the scientific community to heal the body.

Sound Healing Certification Course

Lead by Dante Baker LMT, E-RYT 200

Dante’s Sound Healing Certification Course CEU 6 Hours will explore the historical facts of how sound has been used for centuries for healing and break down the science behind the benefits of this healing modality. Sound healing is the use of tuned, deep-vibrational instruments such as crystal and Tibetan bowls during healing and meditation, which can balance dissonant frequencies in the body and bring them into harmony. The tones and frequencies the bowls carry impact us in specific ways, different tones activate different energy centers, chakra’s and organ systems within the body.   Each participant will practice how to facilitate sound meditations and healings using sacred instruments to create balance within themselves and those around them.  Great certification for yoga instructors, massage therapist and bodyworkers.

* * *
This Sound Meditation training course is designed to teach participants how to facilitate a sound healing class and private session using Yogic methodology, Guided Mediation, Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls and will earn a Level 1 Foundation Sound Meditation Certification of 6 hours. Participants will also receive a Sound Meditation Workshop Training Manual.
Participants will learn the basic theory and concepts of Sound Therapy, history of Sound Healing, how to use singing bowls in a one on one meditation session as well as how to create an experiential sound healing class or workshop. Also participants will learn how to use and practice using crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, Djembe drums and Pan drums, as well at their own voice to create a healing experience for others.

CEU 6 Hours Sat & Sunday 3 hours each 


Sacred Moon Women's Circle


Cost: $20 Pre-register for this Learning Lab and save on your General Admission Ticket

Presenters: Suzi Zappile andShalini Breault

Workshop Times: Saturday 11:00am-12:00pm, Sunday 10:00am-11:00am, 1:00pm-2:00pm

Duration: One Hour Class



There is something so powerful that happens when women come together to support each other in sacred circle. Awaken your creative potential, liberate the goddess within, and unlock your energetic blocks. Together we will harness the energies of the goddesses and the harvest moon amplified by the technology of kundalini yoga and sound therapy, creating a powerful personal transformation and healing, alongside a deep connection to a conscious feminine community.

Join us to experience:


-Awakening your creativity and removing energetic blocks through Kundalini yoga exercises & breathing techniques

-Healing through Crystal Bowl sound therapy

-Connecting to your inner goddess

- Celebration of your divine feminine vibrancy, sensuality and radiance through dance and meditation.

- Learning how to attune to the elemental rhythms, seasons and cycles of yourself, your womb and the moon

- Sharing sacred space with other like-spirited women – share your stories and yourselves, honor and be honored as women. Together we will magnify the power of our intentions and energetically create a web of support, not just for each other, but for women everywhere.

Ayurveda for Beginners

Presenter: Susan Weis-Bohlen, Chopra Center Certified Ayurvedic Counselor

Workshop Time: Friday: 2:15 pm - 3:15 pm

Duration: One Hour Class

Cost: $25 Save on your General Admission TIcket if you Pre-register

Using her new book, Ayurveda Beginner's Guide: Essential Ayurvedic Principles and Practices to Balance and Heal Naturally, Susan will take you on a journey of discovery into your own unique Ayurvedic constitution, help you discover your imbalances (dosha) and to create a simple plan to get started on a healthier, happier, more fulfilling lifestyle. Through the use of food, yoga, meditation and breathwork, this Indian system of health and wellbeing is as relevant today as it was 5,000 years ago when the great Rishis of India discovered this path to wellness.


Ayurveda: What to Eat:

Presenter: Susan Weis-Bohlen, Chopra Center Certified Ayurvedic Counselor

Cost: $15 Pre-register for this Learning Lab and receive a discount on your General Admission Ticket

Workshop Time: Sunday: 2:15 p.m - 3:15 p.m.


Sunday: 2:15 - 3:15 Ayurveda: What to Eat $25

One of the guiding principles of Ayurveda is that Food is Medicine. Our skin, called the anamaya kosha in Sanskrit, literally means "the layer derived from food." Come learn how you truly are what you eat! Susan has been teaching Ayurveda and Ayurvedic cooking for 10 years. She will explain what foods are right for for your personal mind/body constitution (dosha), when to eat, how much to eat, and how to eat with the seasons. Also learn how spices like turmeric, ginger, cumin and others are used medicinally. All the basic guidelines of the Ayurvedic way to eat will be detailed. Handouts will also be provided to you can dive right in when you get home!



Vedic Meditation: Be Happy Now

Presenter: Susan Weis-Bohlen, Chopra Center Certified Ayurvedic Counselor

Cost: $15 Pre-register for this Learning Lab and receive a discount on your General Admission Ticket

Workshop Time: Saturday: 2:15 p.m - 3:15 p.m.


Ancient Indian teachings compiled over 5000 years ago, called the Vedas, include teachings designed to encourage and support each individual being to clearly know that we are not alone, we are part of a greater, universal body, engaging with higher forces, through the practice of meditation. Through truly simple, effortless techniques, you can learn to access states of consciousness which will help you find peace, love, happiness and harmony. No need to sit in a cave in the Himalayas for a year (although that might certainly lead you to enlightenment) you can find true stillness of mind and body here and now.  Susan will lead a guided meditation, allowing you to attain higher states of consciousness. You will be able to record the meditation to help you set up your own personal practice at home.