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The Promotions teams are expanding in Baltimore, DC, Philly,  NY, Virgina Beach, Asheville, and Sarasota, They're creating a robust home-grown Lovelight presence and letting the community know about Lovelight events and ways to get involved. 

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Distribute Festival posters and flyers throughout Baltimore, DC and Philly metro areas and check distribution points to ensure that they are still in place; replace as necessary.
  2. Establish imaginative publicity promotions, tactics and plans in Baltimore, DC and Philly.
  3. Assist with promotion of pre-Festival happenings.
  4. Support in the creation and distribution of posters and flyers.
  5. Assist with cultivation and implementation of onsite Festival projects.

Social Media 

The Social Media seeks someone with marketing skills to work directly with Lovelight’s social media team. The social media team engages with the Lovelight community to preserve and increase Lovelight's range and presence.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Distribute Lovelight data to a wide variety of social event calendars, festival websites, blogs, and like-minded communities on social media networks.
  2. Explore social media networks and establish the most effective methods of communication for each.
  3. Define groups & communities where Lovelight can extend our online relationships.
  4. Assist with the creation of guidelines for social media groups based on their profiles.
  5. Create online promotional campaigns to develop awareness about Lovelight programming.
  6. Help maintain and increase social media profile on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  7. May be asked to compose, copy edit, plan, or find collateral for social media posts.
  8. Monitor websites, messages and traffic and respond to queries.
  9. Assist the social media team with the creation and implementation of marketing programs, innovations, and stories that will generate interest in Lovelight.

Writing and Editorial

The Writing and Editorial staffer works closely with the Marketing team to create content and to develop story concepts and marketing campaigns. The staffer will provide copy, as well as edit and perform layout of the Lovelight publications. 

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Assist with the creation of content by providing research, new concepts, discovering, and interviewing sources for stories, and finding collateral and media to use to create blog articles, social media campaigns and marketing collateral.
  2. Write blog posts to create interest in the Lovelight Festival, Lovelight pre-Festival events, and people involved in spreading their Lovelight.
  3. Curate and secure images and ensure artist or photographer credit for use in Lovelight collateral.
  4. Work directly with the marketing team to create campaigns, write and edit articles and collateral.
  5. Be an active member of the product development team.

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