Healing Village Vendors

We appreciate your interest in the Lovelight Healing Village.

  • The Healing Village is carefully curated to ensure that attendees receive services from experienced and qualified healers and that healers are afforded an optimum opportunity to realize revenue.
  • The Healing Village will offer a wide variety of treatment modalities.
  • You may also sell products in your booth.
  • All vendors will set their fees and manage the finances directly with their clients.
  • To practice in the healing village, all practitioners must hold current and valid certifications and/or licenses for their discipline and be able to submit proof of insurance.
  • Please submit your proof of certifications, licenses, and insurance as well as a bio that includes your experience and qualifications to HealingVillage@lovelightfestival.com after you register.  

Healing Vendor Booth Space
The Healing Village offers a variety of booth type options and entrance packages for licensed or certified practitioners of diverse holistic modalities including; but, not limited to: massage, acupressure, acupuncture, aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, nutrition, flower essences, herbalism, meditation, astrology, career /life counseling, guided imagery, and core energetics.

10x10 Space - $500
10x20 Space - $950

  • Two (2) Vendor Admission passes for 10x10 and four (4) for 10x20.
  • One (1) additional staffer for a rate of $200. Limit one (1) for 10x10 and two (2) for 10x20. Additional staffer rate does not include vendor lounge.
  • One (1) additional staffer for a rate of $200. `
  • Parking in the village for car, camper, bus, van.
  • Vendor Lounge access for (2) two for 10x10 and four (4) for 10x20.
  • Access to up to four (4) to a discounted Vendor Meal Plans; meals plans are extra.
  • Link on the Lovelight website; listing in the printed program, listing on the program map.*

*This sale price is valid through February 1 at which time there will be an increase.

Before Completing the Healing Village Vendor Application Form Please
Read the Festival Rules and Regulations

IMPORTANT: Please be prepared to complete the entire application form once you get started. Once the form is started you will not be able to save and return to this form or make changes to your information once you hit the "Check Out" button. Please be sure to fill out all of the required fields. (*) indicates required field. 

Questions? Contact the Lovelight Festival at vendors@lovelightfestival.com.

Please enter your name exactly as you would like it to appear in print or online.

Provide a description of your business for the festival website/program. (limit 50 words)



Please describe your service.


Includes one (1) each: Vendor Admission pass, Vendor Lounge pass.

Includes two (2) each: Vendor Admission pass, Vendor Lounge pass.

Includes four (4) each: Vendor Admission pass, Vendor Lounge pass.

Please detail the information you wish to have on your exhibit space sign (limit 30 characters).

If your booth will require electricity please order below.



Please upload at least two photos (in jpg or png format) that clearly show your booth set-up. Photos may be included in the event program.

By submitting this form you acknowledge and accept and understand all rules and regulations outlined in the official Lovelight Festival Rules + Regulations and that the event will be held rain or shine and there will be no refunds after the date declared within the document. The Lovelight Festival Rules + Regulations terms are hereby legally binding once your payment is processed.

This contract covers any and all shows listed below to which Vendors(s) apply or are accepted. I/we the applicant(s) have read the “Festival Rules and Regulations” printed as part of this licensing application/contract and agree to abide by all said Festival Rules and Regulations. In addition, I/we, the applicant(s), do expressly release the Producer (Lovelight Festival, LLC,) and the Owners of the Show Sites of and from any and all liability for any damage, injury or loss to any person, business or property which may arise from the licensing and occupation of the Vendor space by the applicant(s), and agree to hold and save the Producer and Owners of the Show Sites harmless of any damage, injury or loss by reason thereof. In addition, I/we give permission to use my name, business name, image descriptions, item prices, and any images or videotape of me or my items for any and all purposes in return for the public exposure I/we desire for me, my creations and/or products.